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Hello! You can call me Darkarri!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/darkarri

I'm an aspiring writer who also commissions a ton of artists. Here's some of what you'll see in my writings: female preds, macro/micro and same-size vore, oral vore, soft vore, digestion, F/F and F/M, among other things. I won't be writing about male preds, cock vore, animal vore, blood or gore, or scat, as those aren't really for me.

You'll see similar themes in the artwork I commission, which can mostly be found in my favourites, but also in some cases in my gallery!

I'm currently open for commissions! See my Commission Status page for the details. Please, check out my content, and give me feedback, I'd love to know what you think!

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back in her desk chair, Jora groaned quietly as she slid her glasses
off her face before rubbing an eye with her hand. She had been
staring at her computer screen for close to three hours now, working
away on her latest project, and while she had made some headway on
some of the technical elements, she could tell it was still going to
take longer than she first anticipated. Jora glanced to her bedroom
window, tearing her eyes away from the screen and taking a few
moments to watch the sto

between Jora’s fingers down the hall, through a living room, and up
a flight of stairs, Dari took in her surroundings with idle
curiosity. Nothing stuck out to her as too abnormal. The living room
was a bit messy, with a couple of plates and glasses left out on a
coffee table, a pillow and single blanket laying crumpled across the
couch alongside a woman’s top and, oddly enough, a black pirate
captain’s hat. After going upstairs, Jora carried Dari past
doorways to what looked to be

Dari used
to like the rain, and in a way, she still appreciated watching it
from the safety of indoors whenever she could. But ever since the
incident years prior that left her stuck at a fraction of her old
height, being caught in the rain was an entirely different story.
Getting drenched in an unexpected downpour is an unpleasant
experience on its own for a normal person, but when you’re so small
that each raindrop feels like a gallon of water being dunked on you
and holds the power to knock

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Hey everyone! Just putting this blog out there in case anyone gets confused. I was giantessloverstories, but I finally got that long, admittedly terrible username swapped out for the handle that I use across most other platforms: Darkarri.

So yeah, that one guy you followed with that unwieldy username didn't just vanish. I'm still here! Only now I match with my name everywhere else.

That's it! Thanks for listening!

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Posted by AustinDR 7 months ago

This user is going around stealing artwork and stories. One you had written can be found here: https://vorefan97.deviantart.com/art/Dari-s-Study-Mishap-746958083#comments


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