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Hello! You can call me Darkarri!
Twitter: https://twitter.com/darkarri

I'm an aspiring writer who also commissions a ton of artists. Here's some of what you'll see in my writings: female preds, macro/micro and same-size vore, oral vore, soft vore, digestion, F/F and F/M, among other things. I won't be writing about male preds, cock vore, animal vore, blood or gore, or scat, as those aren't really for me.

You'll see similar themes in the artwork I commission, which can mostly be found in my favourites, but also in some cases in my gallery!

Check out my content, and give me feedback! I'd love to know what you think!

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Majora didn’t have to say anything outright for Dari to tell something was off. This wasn’t one of the depressed cooldowns that followed one of the slightly unstable goddess’s panic attacks. Dari had seen that before. The vibe that her purple benefactor gave off now was of pure malaise and fatigue, seated on her throne, leaning on one arm, hand propping up her chin as she stared at no particular part of the room with glazed eyes. Even when Dari had first made her presence known

Fumbling between the various objects she was juggling in her arms, Connie let out a cute huff as she elected to close her car door with a swing of her hips, smiling to herself as the door audibly shut. Turning her attention from the car to the house in front of her, she paused for a moment to take in the residence and its surroundings. It wasn’t too far from the city, but wasn’t in the suburbs either, instead resting in the slightly hilly countryside, with the nearest neighbours a go

The music that blared in this dump of a nightclub was as boosted and obnoxious as Rida could imagine, droning out chatter from anyone not sitting or standing within a few feet of her, pounding bass and inane lyrics violating the ears of everyone trying to find some sense of enjoyment among the chaos of sweaty, bumping bodies and the assault of blinding, flashing lights, flicking on and off to the overwhelming beat. On the surface, she hated going to places like this, not a fan of the atmosphere

By cosmic mandate, expression of the

character Dari is vested in the sovereign care of the individual known as Darkarri, whose rights in that concern are hereby acknowledged and respected in full. Responsibility for expression of the character referred to as Eclipse has been saddled upon the author, C


, who must assert exclusive rights as concern

said expr

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Darkarri's Blog - 2021 Plans Posted 3 weeks ago

Hey everybody! Been a little while since I wrote one of these, and the end of this insane year is as good as time as any for a journal. So, what am I planning for this new year?

New stories: The third part of the Rida and Connie story IS coming! Compared to the rapid pace I wrote the first two at, the length of time this third one has taken is embarrassing. But I will get it done! After that I have another story planned, in a universe I've written about before, AND I still need to get the rest of the "Fiery Friction" script to Mazarathegrin so they can finish that. There'll probably be more writing beyond those three too, but those are the ones I want to tackle first.

New raffle?: The raffle I did back in February was fun, and I hope to do another one! I...
[ Continued ... ]

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This user is going around stealing artwork and stories. One you had written can be found here: https://vorefan97.deviantart.com/art/Dari-s-Study-Mishap-746958083#comments


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