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A foul smelling goblin who creates nothing of beauty or value.

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My computer has been completely down for about a week now, probably due to the repeated power outages from awhile ago. Fortunately I was able to get all my files onto a flashdrive and I've been been working on my ancient laptop, but this thing is decidedly not built for photoshop so progress has been slow and probably still will be for awhile.
On top of that, tumblr has decided to fuck over its entire user base by culling all nsfw content. So, my blog will probably not be up for much longer, but I have started a twitter, which is currently empty but I will be posting stuff to it soon: ...
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Posted by trigger12 1 year ago Report

hey uh, you cool with smutty ayame fanart?


Posted by thespyfurry69 4 years ago Report

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Ok that’s fine


Posted by thespyfurry69 4 years ago Report

Do you do farts ?


Posted by KinkyHobo 4 years ago Report

I hate the fact that the new gallery rule removed my all time favorite pic. Which was your halloween pic from 2017


Posted by jaxbeef 6 years ago Report

Thank you for the watch

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Posted by Itsuune 6 years ago Report

Thanks very kindly for the watch! Gave you one in return! Keep up the great work ^u^

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Posted by Kurczak48 6 years ago Report

Love that your style is being kept original and yet enjoyable. Thought it seemed really scary with those eyes and teeth...like horror...but now it's lovely and one of the best I look forward to ^^


Posted by Rendezvore 6 years ago Report

Why, hello there! I'm gonna keep you..
Haha, but seriously, you seem to know your macro/micro.. and even same-size, which I'm not always fond of, is done very well physics-wise, which *is* the part I can appreciate. ;)


Posted by farnes 6 years ago Report

Loving your work :) Looking forward to seeing more from you ;)


Posted by owlet 6 years ago Report

Where have you been all this time, your art is fantastic x


Posted by ryanshowseason3 6 years ago Report

"A foul smelling goblin who creates nothing of beauty or value."

A humanoid creature I can truly relate to...


Posted by dfni234k3h 6 years ago Report

<< Reply To Leswaet

Ok thanks!

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