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*If there is an art with content you don't agree with, I don't care quite frankly. It wasn't drawn with you in mind*

Note about my characters:
All of my OCs live via multiverse which makes them very flexible for many shenanigans and stories with many other characters.
Relationships and futures are unique to each player while my character's personalities and backstories remain the same. No two stories from two different people will ever cross.
You may not use my original characters for any reason without my consent as they are a personal part of me.

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Due to time constraints, I don't RP much so please don't ask.

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For the past couple weeks I have been out of my mind worried, stressed, in tears, panicky, and overall unable to focus and that is because my older sister almost died. She contracted Lyme disease over a year ago but the doctors in her area didn't catch it early at all so it progressed (younger sister mentioned she caught some other stuff and had other complications because of this but I didn't ask for details because it was just too hard to get fully into) until she had to be life star helicoptered to a different hospital 200 miles away to save her life. I have been talking back and forth with family and since I live so far away from them, I have been freaking the heck out. This past sunday I finally got to see her and where she is going to be for... well several several months. She has a...
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Posted by didyvaivale 1 year ago Report

good work! I love a Nyara! I want to be her buttplug in dirty asshole


Posted by angelDX 1 year ago Report

What happened to your twitter? The link on your profile leads to a page that doesnt exist.


Posted by Leshana 3 years ago Report

How are things here?


Posted by AustinDR 3 years ago Report

This user is going around stealing art, especially from you:


Posted by kramooo 4 years ago Report

Happy Vore Day


Posted by Temp1234 4 years ago Report

Wow Max, I gotta say, your drawing has really improved. Proud of you, man.


Posted by naga07 4 years ago Report

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you're welcome


Posted by tigercloud 4 years ago Report

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Ah no problem such stuff happens sometimes (You would know if you work in webdev) x3 Yeah its better now =) Thanks for changing it ;)

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Posted by tigercloud 4 years ago Report

Hello^^ Could you use an other colour than white for text, its hard to navigate on your page <3 (Add stuff to faves bec the text an background is white plus prev/next image links also^^)

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Posted by redsquallff8 4 years ago Report

your art is worth of he gods

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Posted by DragonqueenShyvana 4 years ago Report

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np :)


Posted by darc22005 4 years ago Report

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I always enjoy ^^

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