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A heads up. None of my stuff should appear elsewhere than my gallery on here on Ekas or my account under the same name on Furaffinity. They are the only two places I post, if they are anywhere else and the original artist didnt post it there, its stolen and should be taken down

Im a tremendous nerd and friend to all people, well the nice ones at least. Used to draw n paint alot. Listen to music all the time and spend alot of time on youtube.

I love video games, movies, music, and just generally having fun and being the huge nerd that I am. Always looking for
more friends as well

159 watchers and over 100k views, just I should check my things more often XD

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My birthday was going great till about late evening, early night.

Friend took me out for lunch, many friends wished me well, went out to dinner. Then my mom made me feel like absolute shit later that night, cried myself to sleep and then my brother pissed me the fuck off today.

So im just gonna vanish for awhile man... I dont wanna get mad at anyone so when im real upset I seclude myself, bipolar so I have a tendency to blow up.

Hope everyone well

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Posted by Kure 11 days ago

Thanks for the favorite.


Posted by DodongoQueen3 1 month ago

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Thank you, well i kinda am, ive been on the site but recently made an account. Oooooh thank you im glad you like it


Posted by KaraSabreKitty 1 month ago

<< Reply To darc22005

*gropes tits inn response*


Posted by TalesFromTheOutrealm 1 month ago

<< Reply To darc22005

No worries! Thank you for the adorable art~

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Posted by TinyHero 2 months ago

<< Reply To darc22005

You are very welcome ^u^


Posted by Frakass 3 months ago

<< Reply To darc22005

Thanks! :-)


Posted by MobiusTheIce 3 months ago

<< Reply To darc22005

Oh, well. Glad to know you like my stuff! And no worries XD


Posted by MobiusTheIce 3 months ago

Much thanks for the watch! Hope to not disappoint! :D


Posted by 203 3 months ago

I've seen your work posted on Vore aminos.
I'll inform whoever posted it to take it down because they don't credit the artist completely they don't even say who it's from they said they drew it.
I'm leader in one of the aminos so I'll disable the posts


Posted by BE3055 3 months ago

<< Reply To darc22005

no not very long and your welcome

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