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Just another writer here on Eka's, with an unhealthy (heh) affinity for graphic digestion, as well as disposal/post-vore scat, mixed with a touch of terrible humour.

I almost exclusively put out original work, but once in a blue moon I might put out fanfic of some sort. Just dont count on it.

Some things that are common in my stories:
F/F, Fatal vore, Graphic digestion, Oral vore, Unbirth, Humour, Disposal/Post-vore scat

My life has gotten pretty busy, so I don't post too often, and sadly I don't have much time to RP. Regardless, I hope you all like my work~


Note: If you ever see any of my stories or art commissioned of my OCs on any other sites, please let me know. That shit isn't cool, and I would know because that's literally my kink.

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The night was dark, darker than the void itself until the night sky was Illuminated by a bolt of lightning and the heavy air filled with the loud crash of thunder. Over the horizon Loomed a tower of stone and dark magic that filled anyone who saw it with unending dread and despair. All, except one. A lone enchantress by the name of Estelle Tenebris was determined to bring an end to this evil tonight. Her trek to the abyssal spire was a quick one, sparing no time and paying no heed to the perils

It was a beautiful morning as Chloe barreled down the city streets. The wolfess, coming in at 5’6” with a toned but lithe body, orange eyes and dark grey fur and black hair that reached her halfway down her back, had overslept and was running late for work at a local construction site, which was currently in the process of building a small office complex.
Without her, the small crew had barely managed to make any progress, only managing to get so far as to start pouring the concrete

Jakob awoke to the screeching of his alarm clock with a jump. The digital clock’s dull red screen read 5:45 AM, which failed to register until the brief surge of adrenaline that came with his sudden awakening had passed. 5:45… C’mon, just five more minutes… Wait…
“OH GOD, I’M GONNA BE LATE!” the boy shouted, leaping out of bed and hastily putting a pair of boxers over his junk as he searched his room for the rest of his clothes. The young man h

~~Note: This is a NON-VORE story, with a lot of farting, piss play and scat eating, posted here mostly for the sake of having it public. You have been warned~~
“So, are you sure this is, uh, safe?” Rachel asked as she was dragged down the supermarket aisle by her larger, more dominant partner. “Of course it is! I’ll be fine,” Fiora replied, beaming. “You might want to brush your teeth afterwards though. And use some mouthwash. And disinfectant. But other than

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Even with how shitty recent events have been this year, 2017 has been fantastic for me on this site. I have gotten so much better at my craft, met a bunch of amazing people and artists, and so much more. That said, I have a few plans for 2018 that i feel like sharing.

Longer stories. Now that im more comfortable writing what I enjoy, rather than toning down my kinks to appeal to more people, I will be writing longer, more detailed stories than ever before, with all sorts of weird kinks!

Commissions. I will be slowing down with commissions, as i shave been doing recently. Writing is still just a hobby for me, and now that im not hurting for money anymore, Commissions are much more of a side thing. Ill only be keeping one slot, and the rules i have in place now will be the norm, although...
[ Continued ... ]

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