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Hey, I'm a very naughty transsexual and grade A dumb stoner bitch and I'm here to write about girls fucking and eating each other and other degenerate stuff

Some of it's gonna be real messy and some of it's not, probably not making two versions of the same story though

My avatar is a picture of my favorite way to fuck

Ignore my big fucking cock, I'm a girl and I got the tiddies to prove it

Have fun

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Jessica sat at the bar, all six foot nine of her oozing anger she didn’t really feel. There was no object for her state of arousal, but as she downed her third drink and signalled the bartender for the check, she decided: she was going to


an object for it.

I haven’t had any damn hole in weeks

Bite of the Queen


She was much more powerful than she looked; this was a choice on her part. A mere five feet tall, she wore her messy red hair short, and wore a fairly plain set of travelling clothes. She was cute enough to catch the eye of most people who saw her; she was also a learned sorceress, and only someone with great worldly experience could have picked her out as someon


Elora moved silently in the dark corridor, her elven feet testing every footstep carefully before committing weight to it. She was not especially experienced, but she figured if she’d been able to pick the lock on the front door, it probably wasn’t more than she could handle. She’d told the local barkeep where she was going, but otherwise hadn’t trusted her recently acquired friends to give her a fair share of the


The fairy’s name was Nilly, but that probably wouldn’t matter soon. The legendary hero, practically a giant in her reckoning, was engaged in a fierce contest of strength with a shadowy being whose aura of sheer evil nearly overwhelmed her senses. A passenger on Link’s journey, she paid close attention when he found himself up against a foe that might best him, ready to do what she had to to help him at a moment’s n


When Erin opened her eyes, all she could see was a growling maw full of incredibly pointy teeth. Terrified, her eyes followed a thread of hot drool as it dripped slowly down, reached her face, and then ran down onto the forest floor she lay on. She was pinned by the monstrously large, furry creature on top of her, the clawed paws nearly crushing her arms as she struggled. She’d found her: the werewolf on top of her, fur shining in t

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I kind of stayed away from here for a while, but as long as I'm logging in pretty frequently again I might as well update anybody who still cares on stuff. First, I lied, I'm not reuploading anything. I kind of just got rid of it all. It wasn't all bad, but I don't consider it any great loss either. Sorry if you really liked it.
I'm not going to post stuff here much, though there is a little thing I'll probably post here when I'm done with it. For the most part I'm trying to shift my writing efforts away from this fetish, not so much because I don't like it anymore, but more because I want to be able to write things less focused on instant gratification. It's pretty fucking difficult because I have pathological attentive issues, but my hope is that if I can manage it it'll be worth...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by AustinDR 3 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch.


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