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Probably I don't exist...

...but, if you wonder, I'm an animator, a writer, an engineer, a musician, a programmer, a game developer, a farmer, a dreamer, a technician, a storyteller, a curious, ... Nah, just kidding, I'm a fucking car!!!

Welcome, dear guest, here you can see the state of the art, at least the cheaper one, of 3D rendering, every single pic you see here is pure CG, the models, the feathers, the furs, is done end-to-end in blender, modelling, rendering, compositing, with the old techniques of our grandmas, for the quality of a pure home made 3D

--- --- --- I accept commissions for any question, just PM me --- --- ---

--- --- --- Your favorite 3D otter is now on Patreon come and give it a look :3 --- --- ---

Thank to all the patreon supporters, in particular thank to:

- the Horse level Rokanoss

- the Horse level wolfthewhite

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Just a journal ago [on FA] I talked about the idea of having a Patreon, since today that Patreon page is a reality, a new chapter of experimentation begins, moving toward a new kind of service, more consistent, improved at each iteration.

Sincerely I have no idea what will be next, this was already a soft start and there is still so much to do, this is the first leaf of what I hope will be an enormous tree, I'll give you the best fruits I can make, I'll tease your imagination, your bellies and not only ;3

Come and give it a look, I'm waiting you on Patreon

How does it will work? There won't be basically any paywall, every pics and sequence and, hopefully soon, videos will be public, just scaled down to fit a 1080p monitor, in other word you should really love my works to become my...
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Posted by Kasev 2 months ago

Hey, I hope you already alive...


Posted by Slimshod 11 months ago

Your feral horse vore is fantastic. I like the stories you put to it too.


Posted by TheWolfInator3456 1 year ago

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You keep up the good work.

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Posted by TheWolfInator3456 1 year ago

<< Reply To Zefiro

Yeah, keep it up! It's actually very well done.

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Posted by TheWolfInator3456 1 year ago

I REALLY would like to say that you do WELL with 3D animations.

[ Reply ]


Posted by b5n 1 year ago

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Posted by b5n 1 year ago

do you going to remake a series based on the k9 corps german shepherd ?


Posted by Sith 1 year ago

Your vore animations are of an incredible quality and very enjoyable, hope you keep making them every now and then. ^^


Posted by jameshoward 2 years ago

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Posted by Stalbon 2 years ago

Quite a lovely sequence you posted here just now! Love that belly and the sheer size of it. :)


Posted by Kiala_Tiagra 2 years ago

hello i sent ya a PM


Posted by MrPuzzano 2 years ago

<< Reply To Zefiro

Dovresti scriverne altre in italiano! :D

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