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The horse and the girl - vore photobook 7/end By Zefiro -- Report

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The swollen stomach sways beneath the big stallion, the girl can't stop wriggling and squirming, the gastric juices all around her sloshes and gurgles
- D-do you like me? - she moaned, touching and pleasing herself in the tight and hot and wet space of his belly, unaware of the time passing and, most important, unaware of the fact that he likes her, a lot. The big horse loves her taste and her presence in his stomach so much that, actually, he already decided she'll never come out from his belly. The big stomach where she dived is already be the stomach of her last pet. While her moans continues, the horse stands still, panting heavily, looking sometimes back to his massive bulge, enjoying every last moment of his new mistress, still unaware of her fate.

The liquids around her rise slowly, the acids begin to mix with the slimy drool, covering her completely when she reaches her very last climax, making loud whines immediately followed by long gurgles, for the pleasure of the big horse. The stallion sighs excited and sated, remaining a bit longer in the place where he devoured his last mistress, feeling the belly becoming quieter and smoother, while the almost willing girl dissolves and digests slowly inside his hungry gut

Horses: pros, they are still obedient pets with very big bellies, cons, they aren't as obedient as pups

And I think I'm reading too much of Chuck Palahniuk

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 2 years ago Report

What a beautiful belly she makes!


Posted by JacktheDragon 2 years ago Report

Ok then


Posted by jacobgord12345 2 years ago Report

wow that girl made that stomach grow it massivly <3

i just love that horse model, looks so nice when its body is stretched out compared to the old one, i cant wait to see even more


Posted by Skeletop 2 years ago Report

animate it and I'll consider buying it.


Posted by Zefiro 2 years ago Report

Sorry, what?


Posted by Skeletop 2 years ago Report

I said that I'd definitely consider patreon support and maybe a buy if stuff like this was animated and not just static 3d model.


Posted by Zefiro 2 years ago Report

Animating this would be awesome, but I should save a bit more for a more powerful machine and have 2-3 months no stop to make it look perfect


Posted by miranda_dragon 2 years ago Report

Quad guts are gooooood and this is no exception


Posted by pokebreeder25 2 years ago Report

we will there be another vore animation


Posted by CekoSifonq 2 years ago Report

nice job, you get better in the hourse vore


Posted by Telhem 2 years ago Report

Almost everything about this photobook is amazing, except that this is the end. Great work!