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hello anyone reading this, my name is jacob and i am a fluffy latios

i rp on pm's as well as on discord~ if you wish to chat or rp then send me a message on pm's about rping there or my discord number/username.

just because im a artist doesnt mean i'll ignore you or not care, it happens alot more to me then most people think -.-;

anyway hope you injoy what i do.

hope you guys like my art hehe~!

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well i only was able to finish the one subnautica comic of my plan i had last month o-o; lotsa stuff got in the way, but anyway im now gonna open commissions so slots are open (which im opening 8 slots as of now)

prices on a normal colored shaded picture is 30-40$ depending on what you want in it, for short really detailed characters are not reccomended but i can still do them for a bigger price~!

slots so far

1. (https://www.furaffinity.net/user/captainmoke ) (finished)
2. (https://www.furaffinity.net/user/kortharion)
3. (open)
4. (open)
5. (open)
6. (open)
7. (open)
8. (open)

before you...
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Thanks for the watch!

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Posted by Servothehusky 7 months ago

oh hey, your the latios I drew


Posted by brandon14 7 months ago

@Jacobgord1235 EXTRA THICC


Posted by Axlwisp 8 months ago

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Thank you! I'm happy you like it~


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Ay what's up pal?


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if i watch ya please try not to put "thanks for watching me" on here >~>'... not really wanting my shout box the "who im watching" area

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