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I am a long time enjoyer of Dolcett, vore and smut in general. Eventually I decided to try making my own.

I mostly write, but also draw at a hobby level.

Feel free to check out my stuff and a comment is always welcome.

For anyone who likes my content and might consider supporting it, I have a subscribestar with various perks for pledging. Even a single dollar lets me give my content slihgtly more attention.

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It has been a lovely, relaxing vacation. But it is nice to be home and get back into things, one of which is writing stories :)

Several new stories will hit my subscribestar in the near future. And I will also soon release one of the stories from subscribestar here on eka's.
It is Empty Fridge 2, where we follow Naomi and her mother after Sylvie was gurgled. I will have done some minor rewrites on it, so it will be slightly different if you already read it on my subscribestar.

Hope people have had a nice may so far. :)

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Posted by GobbledMini 4 months ago Report

Thanks for the faves! <3


Posted by Succub 7 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch *p*


Posted by Hetzering 1 year ago Report

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Thanks ! Your comments make me happy and encourage me to continue writing more stories ! Although I must admit that it puts pressure on me to make sure that each story is of very good quality but I will do my best to make them all as enjoyable to read as the previous ones !


Posted by NightRoller 1 year ago Report

I see your icon around frequently, just wanted to say it's neat to hear what you have to say around here!

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Posted by notitthrowaway 1 year ago Report

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PM'd you, response was a bit too long for this shout box.


Posted by notitthrowaway 1 year ago Report

Hey. Would you mind if your stories were used to help train a custom vore AI module for NovelAI or similar AI writing system? The stories would just be fed into this system to train the module, they would not be saved by the system or be recoverable from the final module file. I like your writing and think it would be good to include in this dataset, but want to check if that's OK with you.


Posted by Naganommer 1 year ago Report

Thank you for favoriting my work.


Posted by PumpkinSugarSpice 2 years ago Report

Hi mate thanks for the watch XD I appreciate your support!


Posted by Reactorgirl 2 years ago Report

Thank you very much for watching me, EloquentOrc (´∇`)ノ━★☆゚✿.♡*・。゚✧❀


Posted by Barghest236 2 years ago Report

Thank you for Watching!


Posted by Cowrie 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by No-One 2 years ago Report

Thanks for the favs! :)

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