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Hello dear Profile Visitor =)

I'm Tigercloud, just an other Guy who searches nice Vore-Art here on Eka's x3

I also started drawing Vore-Stuff, but I'm not very good at this Point, anyway feel free to check it out x3 I'm happy if you do!
Also please point out misstakes in my Artwork, that would be super kind of you^-^

I really like Angel-Preds and GTS Vore-Art, so that's the Art I will mainly do =)

Feel free to tell me stuff, Comment my Art or whatever, I'm happy for every Comment of you <3 You can also PM me, even if you just want to talk ;P


DeviantArt-Page: https://angel-tigercloud.deviantart.com/

About RPs: I'm sorry I don't RolePlay ;)

Background-Image done by A-I-K-art <3

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Hey everybody!

First I want to say sorry for the lack of updates, it was because I wanted to create multiple images before uploading them all (Now I have 3 single images and a 3 Page Comic quite far). So it means I can submit all 6 image-files quite soon! I think I will do 1 image at a time in the future to avoid these long VOID-Times^^ Sorry for that!

Thanks for stepping by, I will attach the Comic-Lineart here in the bottom of this Blog-Entry.

Its now almost 1 Year since I started with drawing and I still remember how bad I was back then, I posted some Blog-Entries here and it was to be honerst quite fun, even if I had not to much feedback in these Blog-Entries. But I think I will do them from time to time, its a cool way to see how much you have improved.
I thank everybody which...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Blackheartedreaper2 1 hour ago

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Posted by medar84th 2 weeks ago

Thanks for watching!


Posted by KarmaticF8 3 weeks ago

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Posted by KarmaticF8 3 weeks ago

Thanks for the fave :)


Posted by Abyss4World 1 month ago

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vielen dank nochmal für deine hilfe, was hälst du von meiner Galerie? :-D

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Posted by TraceTheNeko 1 month ago

Thanks for the fave!~


Posted by Allissei 2 months ago

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Oh!!! Now I get it!!! XD

Well, I submited the end of the sequence of my "Carmesi in the pool"

That's gotta count :D


Posted by Allissei 2 months ago

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Oh!... Um Hapy vore day for you too! I didn't there was a Vore day!
What am I suppose to do?


Posted by Hola 3 months ago

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Well now they are literally selling stuff on patreon, or on gumroad. The prices are too high to be covered for each artist. So you gave me a good idea, unwatch those ad posters.


Posted by HitomiMurasaki 3 months ago

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Thank you! =)


Posted by FableBambi 3 months ago

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Thanks! Glad to see you on here too ^^


Posted by BigClaudia 4 months ago

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Thanks <3

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