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hiya, i'm bileth/byleth (it/its pronouns please!) and welcome to my vore stash!!! hell yeah. i love 2B nier automata

i like g/t a lot and mostly soft vore. maybe i get kinda Funney in the head and draw more funky stuff

PLEASE keep my real internet alias a secret if you seem to recognize me. i keep this separate from my sfw art for obvious reasons.
feel free to follow and contact me here: ! i crosspost stuff there from here so if you'd like to support me that way too, that's cool

i don't rp. please at least credit or link back if you want to post my art.

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hello everybody it's great to be sort of back, honestly i don't know much to say besides apologizing for being pretty MIA for a long time

i don't share much about my personal life and i don't plan to like... overshare? but i've been mentally ill for a long long while now. to make the story as simple as possible i had a breakdown around early august and while i'm mostly okay now it has impacted how i interact with people. i've become a bit more closed off as a result, and another effect of that was ruining my desire for making art. i only picked up my tablet back a few days ago and it's still a big struggle for me to even color things in... i'm working my way back into drawing even a simple doodle a day. not drawing stagnated my techniques and it's hard remembering how i did...
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Posted by LowBreaker 11 months ago Report

I was honestly shocked by how much your art lines up with my tastes, in both style and content. I'm not even a NieR fan, but now I'm considering becoming one. Bravo, and thank you!


Posted by Dryicecubes 2 years ago Report

Was looking for a fix for Nier vore and was pleasantly pleased to see great art from you and from both male and female perspectives so thank you for varying out and not making it one sided. Wonderful stuff!


Posted by WinaTheWolf 3 years ago Report

Your art is gorgeous! <3
Keep up the great work cuz now you're my new serotonin supplier xD
Also sorry for the previous deleted comment here, forgot that Aryion doesn't support emojis ><


Posted by Moonlightshadow 3 years ago Report

Welcome to the Portal o/


Posted by NightRoller 3 years ago Report

I found you in several of [the people who have favorited my stories as well]'s favorites. Your art is a force to be reckoned with.

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Posted by RockCityGal 3 years ago Report

You seriously give me the 2B/9S fix I want, it’s such an amazing ship and your art is great! Please keep up the amazing work <3

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