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We are back once more! Welcome to the home of Minophen and his friends!

Find Mino, Trazo, AI_Neko, and others having fun and food!

None of the work featured here is made by me. You can find the credits to the creator(s) in the description, unless they wished to remain anonymous.

In this gallery expect to mostly encounter the following:

-Underage Preds and Prey.

-Oral Vore.

-Various levels of digestion.

-Male preds.

-General non vore works.

It has come to my attention that I should specify what is allowed and what is not with the boys you see in my gallery, some rules apply to all, others are specific only to some. In order to make things clear and easy for everyone, they are listed here.

I know that some of those things are present in my gallery, but no new content will be made with them.

Things that are forbidden for all the boys:
-Butt stuff (including AV)
-Samesize vore
-Non-oral vore of any other kind
-Violence upon them
-Being prey (only close friends are allowed to prey on Mino, for the other boys it is vorbidden)
-Excessive weight gain
-Smell play
-Full tour
-Cooking (in the vore sense)
-Giga macro
-Drug use

Mino only does Softvore, fatal and nonfatal.

Trazo only does Hardvore.

AI_Neko is not meant to be used for vore at this time.

Ame will not be used for vore.

Please remember to give love to the original artists!

BG done by  Freewolf Icon by

I do not RP

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My friend Kinnykun has finally opened commissions again as he is in tight position right now, some of yous might have seen some of his work in my gallery, if you are interested in getting some cute too, consider sending him a DM! Thank you

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