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Adoptables for a car Posted 10 days ago
Through the next few months, I'll be doing various extra adoptables because I need a car~

Please keep an eye out!

Also check around my adoptables folders for any that are still for sale. I would be incredibly grateful!
Happy new year! Posted 1 month ago
Heya! Happy new year!

First of all, super grateful to everyone who participated in my December adoptable sale!

There are still three leftover adoptables that will remain there until they are sold. The gallery folder is here! Please take a look!

2023 was the very first year I was able to complete this type of challenge all the way through and I'm very proud! I also have to acknowledge that had I not been pushed by my close friend group to deal with certain health issues and get medication December adoptables would not have been possible. At all. I'm very thankful to them <3

During December, I learned a lot about how I work and had to very quickly refine my process to be as fast as I could....
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Health update! Posted 2 months ago
I am finally on new medication!
I'm sorry for being away!

Things will be going again shortly~
Spooky time has been extended here~! Posted 3 months ago
Mainly because my health issues have lost me time again and I have spooky art I want to finish!

I should be speaking with a medical professional for the next steps very soon so please don't worry about me~ We'll get things figured out ^^

There are currently no plans for a Thanksgiving YCH. I just haven't had the headspace to even think of anything like that, so I do apologize. There miiiiight be Christmas/holiday based YCH's next month but that is not for sure at the moment.

I do have a big plan for December aka my birthday month that I'm hoping against hope that I'll be able to do, and we can have fun with.

The grind is here and ongoing!

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!



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Moved from patreon to Subscribestar! Posted 4 months ago
01 - Octomer adoptable final hours! Posted 8 months ago
Little less than a couple hours left on this auction! ^o^
Fridays are for Adoptables for a while! Posted 8 months ago
In an effort to stretch my creativity muscles I'm doing random character design prompts!
I'm aiming for one a week for however long I feel like doing this. It could be a few weeks or several months.

If there will be an adoptable on a Friday, I will give you warning with a post during the week leading up to that Friday so keep an eye out!

Thank you!
Art tablet died Posted 2 years ago
But I got a new one that I get to pay for, for the next half year ; u; Things have been... extremely tight, to put it lightly.

I'm still working on rebuilding myself from the ground up and have been slowly increasing my work hours. Art takes longer but it turns out better... bit of a double edged sword, I think.

Health is okay. Sleep is hard to get. Had bloodwork done and everything is going well on that front. My stalker birth giver has left me alone for the time being (I hope it stays that way).

Thank you for waiting for me so patiently. I'm continuously humbled by you and I want to get myself up all the way so I can make new things for you more often.

I love you, take care!
Comeback Posted 2 years ago
I’m working on a comeback. A lot has happened and a lot of it I don’t want to get into and want to keep private. I feel absolutely terrible that I disappeared and I have a lot to make up for because life took me away. My health has been on shaky ground on top of more personal stuff. I have a ton of anxiety coming back because I’m terrified of disappointing people and I know I have, valid reasons or not. I have played a million scenarios in my head of my comeback while I tried to deal with life. I need to take things extremely slowly. I’m not 100% better but I want to reclaim my life here back. It’s going to take a long time to catch up on things and I know that is extremely frustrating but I freeze when I get overwhelmed. I’m trying to avoid that freeze at pretty much any cost. I want to...
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I almost lost my older sister. Posted 4 years ago
For the past couple weeks I have been out of my mind worried, stressed, in tears, panicky, and overall unable to focus and that is because my older sister almost died. She contracted Lyme disease over a year ago but the doctors in her area didn't catch it early at all so it progressed (younger sister mentioned she caught some other stuff and had other complications because of this but I didn't ask for details because it was just too hard to get fully into) until she had to be life star helicoptered to a different hospital 200 miles away to save her life. I have been talking back and forth with family and since I live so far away from them, I have been freaking the heck out. This past sunday I finally got to see her and where she is going to be for... well several several months. She has a...
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