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I almost lost my older sister. Posted 2 years ago
For the past couple weeks I have been out of my mind worried, stressed, in tears, panicky, and overall unable to focus and that is because my older sister almost died. She contracted Lyme disease over a year ago but the doctors in her area didn't catch it early at all so it progressed (younger sister mentioned she caught some other stuff and had other complications because of this but I didn't ask for details because it was just too hard to get fully into) until she had to be life star helicoptered to a different hospital 200 miles away to save her life. I have been talking back and forth with family and since I live so far away from them, I have been freaking the heck out. This past sunday I finally got to see her and where she is going to be for... well several several months. She has a...
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Follow my Vore twitter! Posted 2 years ago
I’m fairly talkative on twitter so follow me!
Wow I slept... Posted 2 years ago
After that night I posted I literally slept for almost two days straight (I know I stayed up for like 21 hours before that but...c'mon..) and then today I wasn't even home... Like I want to stay home to draw for a while;;; I'll get through all my messages and things over the next few days while I work on stuff;;; Thank you so much!
Computer ded Posted 3 years ago
Woke up to a dead computer today so woo. I do have a new one ordered that is arriving on Monday as well as a way to recover my files from my hard drive so that all should he fine. Just really sucks at the moment but at least I don't have to wait long before I'm back up and running. Honestly this summer can go jump off cliff.
Hello~~~ Posted 3 years ago
Heya~! It's been a while!

My health is doing much better! Huzzah!
Now I need to do things to keep it good. I'm tired of being sick...

I'm working on my list of things and am doing forced breaks every three hours. Need to avoid exhaustion and burn out as much as possible. I hope you've been enjoying the back log art that have been slowly being uploaded. Every day, I'm taking out 20 mins to answer comments and things on various sites. Today I didn't get to everyone ; ; I'll do my best to get to everyone as soon as I can! Because of my quality checks, art has been taking longer to do. I'm trying to not stress about it but I hope you'll keep being patient with me.

There's much more art in coming so please enjoy!
I'm doing my best!
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Not so fun... Posted 3 years ago
A few nights ago I ended up getting a decently bad injury that has kept me laid up, on pain killers, and sleeping a ton.
Since the pain is less and the healing is well under way, hoping to at least resume drawing soon, even if I can't really leave my home yet.
I just need to take care so the healing is as quick as possible...
Update time~ Posted 3 years ago
Heya everyone~

As much as it kills me to do, I'm setting Kirentol up to upload a ton of things over the next several days but, due to the amount of work I have, I can't put a personal comment with each and every one... I have hundreds of things that need to be posted and I feel so bad for having them just sit there in folders. So I'm fixing that. I'm sorry ;~;

Otherwise I'm pounding away at my to do list as fast as I can. I do appreciate patience and understanding... >.o;

Please enjoy the long awaited uploads~
I appreciate and love you guys so much <3
Happy new year and happy birthday to me~~~ Posted 3 years ago

Wow I will be so happy to leave 2017 completely behind.... this has been just a rough year overall. Tomorrow we start fresh, work hard, and love as much as we can!
It's is also my birthday today! I"m 29 and am having an awesome day so far~~ I've started my yoga journey because artist kitty sits far too much to not do some sort of exercise ^^;;;;; My body is just not pleased with me lately so Imma yoga it up!

so what is your new year's resolution??

Mine is to love more, take better care of myself from the physical to the spiritual, be more open, and eat a lot more people :9

Have a blessed start to 2018 <3 I love you!
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays~~ Posted 3 years ago
Would have posted this yesterday but I ended up traveling around and being quite busy ><

Hope you all enjoyed your day and spent time with your loved ones~ <3
Break the Internet coming up! Posted 3 years ago
Don't you love the ability to search and look at and talk about whatever weird, strange, fucked up thing whenever? I know I do! I love my internet being free and open with a world of possibilities at my finger tips <3


That is very much in danger... I'm fairly certain vore is under the umbrella of things that would be a no-no...

Good news here is that you can help!

Here's some info to help protect our favorite place:

Please do whatever you can to spread the word, call your congressman, or donate.
Small businesses are in danger!
Access to free...
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