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Nice to meet ya fellas. I'm just walking around Aryion that's all, but not really. I like to make stories all the time and recolor art from someone else, but just to clear those black and whites, but only if I have permission. I don't do a lot of art, so that's the hard part. Stories are what i love most because I can use my imagination unless it makes sense.

I do like Roleplay and R34, but no of the "gorish related stuff."
You can RP with me on Discord (but you need to get a Discord account if you got one) if you want to, but you need to PM me FIRST or else!

(Note from me: My Discord Account is BrandonBCool#2165 if you want to socialize for me or do some vore. :3)

About the blogs, there will be updates about me.

Height: 5 ft. and 9 inches.
Weight: (really? -.-)
Not accepting: Hard vore

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This post was created on 1/10/19 on 3:45 p.m. (or 15:45) Pacific Time zone.
We're on the first few weeks and the first month of 2019. Yippee! :D I hope you guys can cope with the new year. Unfortunately for all art lovers, there won't be a lot of art though, but tons of stories to fill up the story gallery! Stories can be either linked or not linked, depending if the story's in the folder or not. :silly: If you are asking me this question -> "Will there be vore in the stories?" Then... you are lucky! :D ...
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Thanks for the fave


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Thanks for the fave


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Oh boy! a free trip! cookies can wait.


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Only stating the truth :3

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