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Nice to meet ya fellas. I'm just walking around Aryion that's all, but not really. I like to make stories all the time and recolor art from someone else, but just to clear those black and whites, but only if I have permission. I don't do a lot of art, so that's the hard part. Stories are what I love most because I can use my imagination unless it makes sense.

If you try insult the art that i tried to work on, there will be consequences. I've seen some tags that are just so negative on one of the posts that I literally snapped. For now on until I quit from Aryion, THERE WILL BE NO TAG PERMITS!

I do like Roleplay and R34, but no of the "gorish related stuff."
You can RP with me on Discord (but you need to get a Discord account if you got one) if you want to, but you need to PM me FIRST or else!

(Note from me: My Discord Account is Brandon_Thickon#2165 if you want to socialize for me or do some vore. :3)

About the blogs, there will be updates.

For all people who like trades and requests, please PM me or DM on Discord for more info. Anyways, boop.

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My grandma... lost her new iPhone 11 in the casino. It would cost from 400 to 1.1 grand! She was in LA and she is staying there for a week with my LA grandma. My mom told me before I was about to call her by my grandma's phone number. I can't believe she done it, but I am now frustrated to the point I want to shout at her. If anyone want to know how, here's what REALLY happened.
After all the work, I was at home, having a delicious lunch with my mom. Then, I decide to call my grandma, but she stopped me. My mom told me that when they were in the casino, my grandma forget to keep her expensive phone with her. They had so much fun in the casino that they almost forgot to take all of their own belongings. Unfortunately, my grandma didn't and they had to get the casino staff to find it....
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Thanks for the favs and sorry for the late reply!


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Thanks for the favs on the poems!


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My commissions are open! only if you are interested


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<< Reply To brandon14 like a ninja, im there, giving support from the shadows, gone into hiding and watching for good art.


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why, thank you <3


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Thanks for the faves, it means a lot!
There's more planned for my 'Tummies!' pixel art comic series, so stay tuned! ^^

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