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Springtime Update Posted 3 weeks ago
Looks like I'm trapped in the house with me family because of a national emergency. All of the citizens living in affected counties must stay at home UNLESS there is some simple outdoor things needed to be done. No shit. I read the news and recorded them. Well, if anyone is alive out there and living in America, I want to say... Good luck to you people out there, including others from around the world.

P.S. I got about 300K views. Thanks, guys! Hope to get to 500K later on!

Update (3/18/20): I almost forgot something! Someone posted one of my posts to rule34.xxx and I'm pissed like Kirb!

Update (3/22/20): Oh my gosh! OH MY GOSH! ERMEHGERD! MY BIRTHDAY IS COMING ON THE 25TH! :D

Update (3/24/20): Whoever's posting Herm tags and deleting...
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EMERGENCY! EMERGENCY! Posted 2 months ago
This is bad news for all the people alive. Why? We are now in a virus outbreak and you know what it means. We are now in RE8 for real. Any evidence? Actually, yes.

According to this link (https://www.cnn.com/2020/01/26/us/us-citizen-wuhan-coronavirus/index.html), it seems that it started in China. Now, it spreads to countries adjacent to China, then to the overseas and Europe as well. As it go overseas, America is in a risk of an outbreak as well.

In a nutshell:
And now the coronavirus is here to FUCK us! So listen up, readers, or its symptoms will be the 2nd worst thing that happened to you.
This virus has breached into the countries' borders.
You've seen what it did to its people there!
And worst of all, it could inside of any one of...
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Bad News... TROUBLESOME NEWS! + Update (12/23/19) Posted 4 months ago
Well, if you read the subject, yep... I'm fucked for this year and next December. Why am I fucked? Well, there are two reasons that supports the question. This month is a busy month and next December is the end of Flash but why do I feel like I'm doomed? There is an answer to that.

First off, this month is going to be tons of work and chores. That means I will not focus on art temporarily unless it's a Friday afternoon or a Saturday. If I cannot get it done, let's say that I'll be in fucked to the second power. Do the math first and think about it. Not feeling like it's worse at all? Go to your phone/computer, then check what is going on with Google!

For Google, they gave us Flash for us to have fun with. From watching flash animations to games to art (if people...
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Good News, People of Aryion! Posted 5 months ago
Yep! The title says it all because today is a new change for me. After not making a "vore.doc" for a long time, I decide to work on a new form of the document as a mock journal. You've seen people with journals, diaries, and documentaries, yes? If not, you should research first and then read this. If you did, good! Why that? Well, I am now making a new set of docs called Mock Journals. They come in 3 kinds (request, trade, and fresh) and it shows their experience in the story like a perspective or a view. :-D

If you do not like the new format, just try to get along with it because it's something new I want to try. Sometimes, you got to do the new and you have to risk it...
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Power Outage problem but it's Long Story Short. Posted 6 months ago
https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2019/ ... val-guide/
That is all I got and drop an F in the comments because power outage tomorrow in my hometown, San Jose, California. :(
Oh No. Family bad news. Posted 7 months ago
My grandma... lost her new iPhone 11 in the casino. It would cost from 400 to 1.1 grand! She was in LA and she is staying there for a week with my LA grandma. My mom told me before I was about to call her by my grandma's phone number. I can't believe she done it, but I am now frustrated to the point I want to shout at her. If anyone want to know how, here's what REALLY happened.
After all the work, I was at home, having a delicious lunch with my mom. Then, I decide to call my grandma, but she stopped me. My mom told me that when they were in the casino, my grandma forget to keep her expensive phone with her. They had so much fun in the casino that they almost forgot to take all of their own belongings. Unfortunately, my grandma didn't and they had to get the casino staff to...
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Vore Day + Update Posted 8 months ago
Aw shit... double trouble for me! It looks like Vore Day's here (Early or not, doesn't matter) and I have to be busy during the entire year. I have to get some sleep carefully without having any heat, noise, emotions, or any seriousness taking over my head every night. I also have to do chores at home and get busy as fuck due to the list of shit I gotta complete per day. Right now, I now miss Japan because it was one amazing trip and it gave me tears. Someday, I will go back to Japan if my work is over, have a long break, and have a point that my parents would smile instead of being disappointed. I won't be doing any stories, editing, or sketching frequently or IDK. Anyways, peace and have a happy Vore Day... I need to get some peace for today because my brain hurts. @[email protected]
Overseas Vacation Aftermath + Other News Posted 8 months ago
Remember the previous blog? Well, I want to tell you readers that I am finally home in San Jose. I am now resting and doing my doses of going through Aryion messages (plus some Rule34.xxx image scrolling) while trying to make myself nut. I am proud to be back home, making stories and stuff, once again. Don't stop reading yet because there is more! I will be also changing my Discord Name to something else, so keep an eye on my profile info VERY CAREFULLY! Why? Well, it's simple. The answer is "Well, why the fuck not." Anyways, it's the end of the blog. ENJOY SCROLLING THROUGH ARYION!!! :D
Summer Vacation 2019 Posted 9 months ago
Hi, guys! It's me, Brandon. I want to inform anyone who are reading this that I will be on a VERY BIG VACATION! 8O That's right! I'll be going overseas where the place of very catchy music, technology, and fashion are. What I am saying is that I will be going to Tokyo, Japan and Bangkok, Thailand. I loved Japan because of the games, food (like Tamago Nigiri, Ramen, etc.) :gulp:, and the people there. I mean, the Japanese girls are kawaii and I just love 'em! :-D I'll be arriving to Japan at Narita Intl. Airport...
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Aw shit. Posted 10 months ago
Looks like my new non-vore lewd arts are starting out in a horrible way. Not what I expected. Well, I hope my non-vore lewds will have a good amount of views. Worse outcome ever and I MEAN IT! :angry:
P.S. That is actually not the way to start off your day having fun. Am I right?