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Beach of Bones By Scaylid00d -- Report

The perfect tan is difficult to achieve. A full-on tan in the nude is the ideal approach, but is difficult to get away with on a typical, crowded beach. You need a private spot away from where everyone else is. Some place where you can let the sun lick every inch of your skin, where no one will bother you... or ever find you again...

There's a good reason some beaches don't have people on them~ ❤

Legend has it that the Beach of Bones swallows up anyone foolish enough to indulge in its secluded serenity. The sands are littered with careless beach-goers' remains, sun-bleached, and stripped bare. However, it's not the sand that devours them, but a curious creature that has made itself the dominant predator of this coast: The Land-Mine Anemone.

It's name is derived from how it hunts; passively but suddenly. The moment it's stepped on, the anemone collapses its maw, like a slimy, squishy trap-door. The hapless intruder falls within, pulled down by their own weight, into the anemone's mercilessly tight stomach. One such hapless beach-goer, named Chelle, has just experienced this first-hand.

Once completely inside, the she is finished. There is no physical way she could ever wriggle or worm her way back up the slick stomach lining. Painful pressure from the sand all around the anemone pins its catch into place. Any beach sand that ends up inside the anemone's maw or stomach is almost immediately dissolved. Its stomach acids are terrifyingly effective at disincorporating quartz, silica and a host of other granular sediments, but in a cruel twist, the same acids seem to take their time on tender, human meat. A very slow digestion awaits Chelle.

To further seal her fate, the anemone sports an extremely long tentacle. Its sole purpose seems to be the cleaning and evacuation of it's meal's own digestive tract. The tentacle enters the prey's anus, and proceeds up through the entire length of their intestines, stomach and throat, before finally emerging from the mouth. All the contents of their digestive tract is suckled out along the way. This appears to be for the purposes of harvesting the prey's own digestive enzymes, which the anemone adds to its own. The delicious irony is that, eventually, poor Chelle will be digested, in part, by her very own stomach juices.

There is clearly no need to restrain the prey by means of this tentacle, but it helplessly ensnares the victim in a most intimate way. If Chelle's fate wasn't already hopeless enough, this certainly makes it absolute.

Over the course of several hours, Chelle will slowly digest, and be molten down into a rich, nutritious syrup. A high viscosity fluid that the anemone strains through its own intestines, before depositing it into a final absorption chamber, at the very bottom of the anemone's body. Here it is concentrated as highly as possible.

Finally, when Chelle's bones are stripped bare, and only her disgraced skeleton remains, the anemone will spit her bones up and out, one by one. Her remains will join the countless others that lie scattered or buried on this hungry beach.

...Chelle just wanted a nice, golden tan all over her soft, edible body. Too bad. Prey don't get a say ❤ She'll have to settle for feeding this anemone instead!

✿ ✿ ✿ ❤ ✿ ✿ ✿

An old livestream drawing finally finished! \^o^/ This was done for one of my Patreon polls. You can check out the results from that time here:

Chelle is owned by, and borrowed from  TitaniumChelle Word has it that Chelle loves being penetrated all the way through. Chances are she doesn't mind ending up in such a compromising predicament e3e~

Hope you like it! ❤

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Posted by DarkDay 1 year ago Report

Oh my.
Quite the catch.


Posted by Slimshod 1 year ago Report

I thought I recognized that red hair and piercing. Chelle sure does know how find her way into tasty situations.


Posted by Farian 1 year ago Report

Very erotic. What a way to go. Great narrative too


Posted by Belloc 1 year ago Report

Oh heck yeah, glad to see more of these little dudes and more of their digestion process. Love the completely penetrated skeleton and the outline of the one on the right as they start digesting. Seriously, great work!


Posted by TitaniumChelle 1 year ago Report

Eeeeee! Oh this is so wonderful! Thank you for such a marvelous and wicked fate <3


Posted by temporos 1 year ago Report

Hawt. :3


Posted by SenpaiVore 1 year ago Report

I'm definitely using this for my next Campaign ^-^ You have so many great monster ideas


Posted by StanleyVore 1 year ago Report



Posted by DatPretzel 1 year ago Report

What beach is this, and how much is a flight to the nearest airport?


Posted by EerieViolet 1 year ago Report

aaa i still really wanted to draw this concept but its hard lmao


Posted by Redpod 1 year ago Report



Posted by nomnomvore 1 year ago Report

I love it! :D


Posted by RustyBusty 1 year ago Report

That second guy totally dove in, how do you fall face forward?


Posted by Selpathor 1 year ago Report

You trip on a different one and land face first in that one?


Posted by Xodiusk 1 year ago Report

Quite sexy. You easily earn the place as one of my favorite vore artists, hehe. Would commission my OC from ya if I had the money to do so.


Posted by roostuf 1 year ago Report

sexy preysluts~


Posted by Riraito 1 year ago Report

A sexy girl, penetrated through fully, and digested alive... what a way to go.


Posted by Riraito 1 year ago Report

A sexy girl, penetrated through fully, and digested alive... what a way to go.


Posted by Kaboomer 1 year ago Report

Stop Torturing Poor Woman!! *cries*


Posted by ViperBits 1 year ago Report

Oh, sexy!~


Posted by VorishFoxie 1 year ago Report

Yes yes yes <3 I looove these sooo much <3


Posted by Fischie 1 year ago Report

Nice combo of drawing and story again and an exotic pred too.


Posted by RandomSpectator 1 year ago Report

I remember the landmine anemone from some of your older drawings. They didn’t have a tentacle that goes through someone’s entire digestive track back then.

Do these things violently spew out the bones of their prey similar to an actual explosion?

At least they aren’t burrowing creepers from Minecraft that drag you into the sand before hissing and exploding.


Posted by rad60 1 year ago Report

I say "huzzah"! Well done! :-D