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Pleased to meet you all! I`m Minako Tomoka, and I`m into macrophilia and vorarephilia. Hard vore or soft vore is fine with me, as long as it`s with attractive giant male predators and tiny female prey. My main specialty is M/F, though I occasionally dabble in M/M and F/M from time to time.

I am an aspiring writer, and I have written many original, non-macrophilic novels and series.
On Eka`s Portal, I write original vore/macrophilic novels, short stories, and oneshots. I also enjoy writing fanfiction and roleplays when I have the time.

While I feature as myself in a handful of works, you will see more stories not only involving me, but many of my other OC`s, such as Chihaya Kotori, Airi Yuuri, Miyuki Nagatsuki, and Hinata Fujisaki, so keep an eye out for my new stuff.

I`m also a huge anime and manga fan, I love shoujo manga, vampires, demons, and magical girls. I`m also an avid Lolita and J-fashion lover, and a bit of a gamer, especially for Otome games.
So if you ever want to talk to me about anime, Lolita, or video games, feel free to do so!

Since I`m a girl, most of my macro/vore works are intended to appeal to a female audience. I accept commissions for writing ONLY. Check out my commissions page for more details. Anyway, I hope you enjoy what I have in store!

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If you`ve been following me for a while, you`re probably already pretty well aware that my vore novel series, Broken Sweetheart, was meant to be a three-book trilogy. However, I am officially scrapping Crimson Carnival, the final installment of the Broken Sweetheart series. It`s been suffering due to a lack of ideas, inspiration, and motivation, and it`s had over three false starts since May.
I feel that the story has also become something I didn`t intend it to be, and lost most of the dark political and social themes the other two installments possessed in favor of more fetish content. It just isn`t working for me, and I can`t get it done, so I will not be finishing and uploading Crimson Carnival. I have finished the first two chapters, though, which I will be uploading separately as...
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Posted by sweetbunnii 2 days ago

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Oh thank you so so much! <3 I'm glad you do, that makes me so happy! I'd love to roleplay whenever you're ready~

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Posted by chaso07 2 days ago

thanx for the fave


Posted by stevent0617 12 days ago

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You're very welcome! ^_^

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Posted by chaso07 2 weeks ago

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you're welcome


Posted by Chameleonette 3 weeks ago

I've been watching the anime religiously every Saturday and was super-excited ever since it was announced, lol. Although it doesn't hold a candle to the VN/game, it's still a pretty decent adaption and I'm happy to see my bae animated. I don't know if I'll write vore with him and Cardia or not at some point. I tend to throw my OC with him when I write/draw him instead, because I'm shameless trash.


Posted by Cinquint 2 months ago

Thank you for the watch \o/

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Posted by chaso07 2 months ago

thanx for the watch


Posted by minakotomoka14 3 months ago

Hello, beautiful people! Just to let you all know, today is Minako-chan`s birthday! In commemoration of me making it through another year of life, I`ve posted a new short story! Hope you all enjoy! Minako-chan`s going to eat cake and open presents now!


Posted by nephilim 3 months ago

Just seeing this now. Thank you for the watch!


Posted by YoukaiChan 4 months ago

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Aww, thank you very much! ^u^

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