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Hey, Neon here. Local elf slut who draws le porn.

Commissions and trades are open, see this link for details:

I'm interested in anal, unbirth, oral, soft, cock, digestion (painful or not), death and a few other things.

Some turn offs: Scat, lots of blood, hard, anything pedo

Feel free to PM me, I like conversations.
Discord @ Neon#1159

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Question: What is your favorite type of pred? MPreds, I like the intimidation a male brings to the fantasy vs a female. I do enjoy fpred, but mpred tickles my fancy.

Question: What’s your gender? Originally "Neon" was male since I was unsure how the lewd community acted with women. I am indeed a woman.

Question: Why don’t you draw more? This also answers the next question. I've been battling severe depression for years now and I recently have gotten of a good medication that works well with me.

Question: Why do commissions take so long? Depression and financial situation. If you've seen my blogs before, I am in a critically tight situation with my money, so I work as often as I can and go to school as well. I am changing into a better career in...
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Posted by S4V4G3 4 weeks ago Report

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You're welcome ^_^


Posted by Firstfate 1 month ago Report

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You do not know the half of it... I have numerous notebooks filled front to back with story ideas that never got started due to the fact that I had them while in the process of getting a different story typed up... sigh, I need more of "me" so I can work, play computer games, play ps4, read manga, watch anime and type my stories.... how longer us the wait for fully functioning human clones? XD


Posted by Firstfate 1 month ago Report

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What can I say, I'm a sucker for Succubus girls xD, but I also do enjoy Naga/Liama characters as well :) Even have a story series I am writing and put on hold that I need to go back and finish... ugh. Another thing to try and go back too "after" I finish my current story idea... (if I finish it ;-;)


Posted by Firstfate 1 month ago Report

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You're welcome, glad I managed to spy something you made for someone else or else I might never have found you ^-^


Posted by kdhjfeuiwnw 1 month ago Report

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Your welcome, I really love your art


Posted by GeneralPotato314 1 month ago Report

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You’re welcome!


Posted by oldspice1212 2 months ago Report

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No problem, Neon! You deserve it. Also, Doc says hi.


Posted by 10crunkedbiscuits 2 months ago Report

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You're welcome!

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Posted by ZombieLord 2 months ago Report

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You're welcome.


Posted by Godetoy 2 months ago Report

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Hah, thank you! xD


Posted by Psychoseby 3 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch :D

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Posted by firebolt2526 3 months ago Report

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no problem! love your stuff

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