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Hey everybody. Thanks for checking out my gallery. I'm not an artist, but I do like to write naughty vore centric stories. I also occasionally commission art so if you're more of a visual enjoyer there's some of that too.

If you want a story I do take commissions and even requests if I like the idea.

I wouldn't mind making some friends with similar interests so feel free to send me a PM or find me on Discord Drider-Man #6489

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City Girl
Slowly her eyes began to open, and immediately Constance regretted it. Everything seemed to be moving but her. Her own body felt heavy and drained. She needed time to adjust herself. Let her mind settle. Getting into a rush never helped anyone. Instead she decided to analyze what she could with her other senses.
To begin with she felt chilled, and there was a distinct breeze, a drastic change from the clinical yet humid air of the lab. The air smelled different too, not sterile at al

Winner Gives All
Poteseni stepped forward, and looked out over the applauding masses of her fellow cultists. The bangs of her dark hair and band of her hat were saturated in sweat, a result of her own nerves, exertion, and the sheer heat that engulfed everything here in the depths of Rakdos's territory. To keep with their titanic leader's motif the center of his realm was kept hot with burning flames adorning many surfaces.
Though she was clearly breathing heavier from her effort thus far Pote

As far as winter days went it wasn't all that cold. It was a bit chilly, but just a light jacket was all anyone would really need to be comfortable. The sky was overcast with gray clouds, not the kind that promise rain, the light gray ones that do nothing but blot out the sun until spring shoos them away. In truth though this was Erist's favorite kind of weather, which made it hurt all the more that he was spending such a day being tortured by his so called friends. How had it come to

Alone Together
The show hadn't started yet, but already the sound of so many wonderous songs
one after the other was reaching the line of fans waiting to get in. Theodore's stomach
was a ball of nerves as he heard those melodies, so beautiful that even as recordings they
entranced his very soul. The bidoof stood in line, ticket clutched tightly in his hand as he
made his way to the entrance at an agonizingly slow pace as pokemon of all types were
let into the show. He knew he wouldn't lose hi

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DriderMan's Blog - Opening for commissions Posted 10 months ago

Hey people and other assorted entities. I've officially set up some loose rules for commissions. My prices are fair in that I'm just saying pay what the heck you want and I'll type up a story within reason of what you want done. Come one, come all. Get them while they're hot.

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Posted by wolfSnack 10 months ago Report

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Have you ever considered writing a story about Arlinn Kord?

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Posted by wolfSnack 11 months ago Report

I like your avatar picture, I play that card in several EDH decks.

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Posted by AGuyWithBigHair 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch!


Posted by FractalOdyssey 1 year ago Report

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Very enjoyable!


Posted by digestionPirate666 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the watch! :3


Posted by Branwalter 1 year ago Report

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Posted by Branwalter 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the fav!


Posted by VividLucidity 1 year ago Report

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It helps that macro/micro cock vore is so difficult to find, especially at such high quality levels!


Posted by Bookie 1 year ago Report

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What you wrote was rather exceptional. Good job.


Posted by Nixy 1 year ago Report

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Np keep up the good work I can't wait to see what you make next ;3


Posted by Maxgreat 1 year ago Report

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Keep up the good work! Your story was great and I look forward to whatever else you right.


Posted by Pkmnguy6262 1 year ago Report

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Np, always a big fan of milotic in stories. Both as pred or prey. And you did a good job at the story too. So keep up the work and I'll check out some more stuff when I have time. And if you take suggestions/ideas lmk when you need some as I always am just flooding with ideas when it comes to pokemon and I'd love to help so yeah. Keep up the good work<3

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