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I ve updated my commission status. Posted 4 days ago
Hi, I am just came to say, I am uploaded my art status, and if you care: I am still open for trades, requests are still on hold, so thank you for reading this!
Hahah.. Posted 2 months ago
Hi, that's NM.

I am currently VERY busy and struggling to draw in free time, but naaah, chores, chores and chores again, so again in everyday, and when I finish to do it, I tired, haha.

Also, this explains why I am not almost 24/7, it's because of internet limits and I am can't do all time often. I am only afraid to miss it.

Thanks, NM.
Happy 8/8/21! Posted 2 months ago
Hi, NM wishes y'all to have a good vore day, and have their fun!

I am lately became into perfectionist when it's comes to art, I am really struggle into unnatural mistakes and overly rushed papers which make me feel sad, so that's why I can't normally draw now.

Also, I will do cheering up with references, not saving them though because of lacking space. And studying properly or regression will worsening me.

So, I wish good luck and days, haha!

Thanks, NM.
Something about disposal art Posted 3 months ago
Hi, it's NM.
I've some questions to those who drawing post-vore disposal (scatology, urination) in traditional method (paper, pencil, etc.); How do you feel when drew this? It's less comfortable than doing this in digital method? How often you do that? Do you keep your paper post-vore arts or you're throw them? =^°^=/

My answers are;
1. I feel kinda chickened out when I drew very first GT pred with implied disposal (only remains demonstrated), but I liked it, however this sketch is thrown because it's rushed and untouched for while.
My first after many months without LTP is horse!Guildias (not demi/centaur, but animalized of course) disposing his horsewoman's remains and very pleasured of that, but it's too complicated to my preferences, so I threw it.
[ Continued ... ]
Today's my birthday! Posted 3 months ago
Hi, it's NM.

And happy birthday to me! I am 20 now)

I will thank everyone, who supported me with favorites, comments, chatting and art inspiration!

Thank you!
Howdy again, birthday is coming soon! Posted 3 months ago
Hi, it's NM.
I am will be 20 in 6 days, just saying. I am also catched WiFi, and soon going to be vaccinated with second dose, so give me luck!
And I am open for trading and some requests, just peek at commission status and if you want, then ask me in PM.
Also don't mind about very possessive vore scenarios or other M/F vore suggestions.
Hey! I need a writing app for my phone! Posted 9 months ago
Also, happy new years!
Please, recommend me a app which support .docx, .rtf, .PDF .msword, .txt to write/watch.
Its still itching. Posted 9 months ago
I ve burned my bit of face, hands and most hot water is spilled onto my leg, its really hurting. I hate that day now.
Damnit. This happened. Posted 1 year ago
My laptop battery is dead now. =( i am will be lurker for time until i am get choice.
I am back again... i am hope Ekas Portal accepts kind of this... Posted 1 year ago
I am heard something about war starting in my country, this time i am not going to hide it, i am Azeri fellow, and i am live in that country for 5+ years, i am many times tried to study my ''so-called native'' langurage and failed many times for all that damn time...
Mom recently said, internet is unable due to this war, damnit, this shit will never end =(
But now its works, so well, thats why i am inactive... during times without net, i am tried to sketch in paper, but failed many times, hecc. Stay ya all safe!