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Bad news. Posted 2 months ago
My laptop is became more worse, battery dies faster. Also i am cant come on Eka because of cold weather, so bye.
Good and somewhat bad news, very short. Posted 3 months ago
Hello pals! I am have one good news, my laptop is repaired by itself, hooray, this is perfect moment to limitize myself again, and i am glad! Also i am out of hiatus, liked scatlogy, yes-yes, i am like disposal scat now, and drew some related scat art~
And now bad news, i am ruined my limit after my sis gone, and now i am have health issues, i am already out of full limit in 17 days, fucc. So i am will be on limit again and takin a rest, well, TY!

I am lost control (laptop addict) Posted 3 months ago
Well, my issue shit again. We are go again.

Okay. In one day, or some days ago i am controlled myself with 3 day limit (never on laptop for 3 days) and i am did it 2 times, but after it in one day i am lost my control.... gee... worst part is i am cant fix it... because i am obessed with, laptop and internet, AND ITS BECAUSE IN WEB PEOPLE ARE BETTER WTF ITS SUCKS! , i am cant stand when i am try to tell someone, and getting answers like: - hah its should be broken, i am dunno, and etc, its from FAMILY. Only sis understand me... thats sad...

Also its unhealthy and mindwashing. Its main cause of weakness, headache and heartbeating, even hypertension... dont do my mistakes, but as i am said, i am cant fix it and i am ignorant... thats bad... I AM...
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Laptop, are you really screwed?! Posted 4 months ago
No, seriously, when i am on HP, and on Opera with filled tabs, its freezed my laptop and refreshes, WTF, IT OKAY???
Strong headache, and also CLOSING RQ AND ATs! Posted 4 months ago
I am sorry, i am again in hiatus, close requests and trades and with headache during night. Its really painful, so i am cant do it now. Give me a time for rest, TY!
How i am found vore (Short story) Posted 4 months ago
Well. how i am came to like, no! Love that, Vorarephilia?

Well, without know a termin of it, i am liked one clay cartoon about Red Riding Hood, and its ugliness in good way, and scenes, where is wolf swallowed his preys and stayed on stomach. Thats nice and creepy one.
Also i am going to mention various vorish scenes from Tom and Jerry, especially one where i am can see his stomach, yes, Tuffy. And other cartoons as well.
I am thinked "Thats amazing when youre swallowed?", i am hoped that is. And only in fantasy...

For first time on dA i am found artist "CratedCheese", and i am seen "weird lady with huge stomach", yes, i am about Eve.
But gee... This is amazing one, so thats why,...
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Not this again, health issues. Posted 4 months ago
Its started at 1st Oct in midnight. After raining, very stong but short... And then we are go.. very lately i am feeling bad on 14:00, headache and migraine with vomit feeling. On 1st Oct in night i am almost panicked due of vomit feelings... its disgusting. Today i am having same vomit sickness again and throat pain, and tickling... And not only this.. also in night i am catched fast heartbeat again... Today i am having some issues... i am need break.. Ew. WELP.

Its from goddamn cold or what?
My laptop issues (My issues) Posted 4 months ago
Very lately i am having black screen (due of closing processor, in early times its never happened, my laptop is 4 years), because i am put my laptop in my bed (on pillow) and then its does not work, so when i am put this on table, its WORKS. WTF?! Okay, second issue is about signal issue: When i am refresh my laptop, and turn on. I am see "none of your connections" or something like that because i am russian speaker. Its fixed only leaving him for some time, then refreshed and its fixed. Da fucc???

No, seriously, i am think its not okay now, its happened after my sis came in home. Welp... i am having more severe problems than in early times...
This nightmare is almost true... (My real short story) Posted 5 months ago
Yesteday, in Sep 7th, i am got nightmare, where i am got "Vietnam flashbacks and trigger" about March story... Eh... i am has happy, if this nightmare is NOT TRUE again...

I am got some highest hypertenision in my life (heart rhythm is 96 (!) probably 170 or higher), due of this, mom ALWAYS BLAMES me because i am overdo wasting time on my laptop and being lazy and ignorant, and shouting at me and calling me "useless". My body is shaking and i am want very much to cry, this is TOO MUCH for me... STOP IT NOW! I am currently limitized and in depression... So i am not sure when i am can settle things now...

Seriously, what a fuck happening to me lately, huh? This is more and more dumber... Ughh... Okay, good luck to me.
Baku is too hot! (Draw/art hiatus) Posted 5 months ago
Arrrrggggghhhh~~!! This is 4th or 6th day, in fucking hotnesss, its feels like worse than hell, my hands and feet are burning, my breath is hard, and i am fucking thristy and EVEN CANNOT SLEEP BECAUSE OF THIS WEATHER, NOR EVEN COLD SHOWER REFRESHED ME!!!

Damn it, thats why i am less active! Sorry, but its truth...