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Hey! I'm donk. I like to write fat girls and vore and weight gain and stuff.
Please don't hesitate to leave a comment or say hello!

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Ulp! Gllrrk!
“P-Please, someone! Help m--!”
Matty sighed as his latest meal finally slipped past his hungry lips. He traced her head as it traveled down his thick throat, following her terrified expression before it disappeared past his hefty tits. She was on her way to being yet another nameless bulge in his gargantuan gut.
“Nearly a dozen girls, all stewing away in your gut…” Alice cooed, sliding up next to Matty and laying a hand on his b

It was a quiet night in the cafe. With no customers present, the only sounds were those of running water and the disgruntled noises of a certain barista.
“Hnnng… Come on…” Frostleaf sighed as she tried to tie the apron around her waist. It fit her the day before just fine, but it seemed that her most recent meal caused her to bloat a bit more than expected.
To say that Frostleaf was big was an understatement. The girl was truly gigantic. Ever since she settled down int

They gooey, messy noises of digestion filled the air as Nil basked in her feat of gluttony. Though she stood a mere 3 feet tall, half a dozen people were gurgling away in her gut, squirming desperately for an escape. Unfortunately for them, the only way out would be through the inky imp’s overeager intestines, ready to churn them down into layer after layer of plush, jiggly blubber.
All in all, it was a very successful night for Nil. Nothing like getting summoned by som

Narcissa let out an exasperated sigh as she stepped into her office. Business was going well, of course, but that day she was being pulled around by every department, stretching herself thin in order to make sure they had what was needed in order to do her jobs.
As the regional manager of VampCorp, Narcissa was almost always in some sort of important business meeting if she wasn’t out supporting her employees. The few moments of downtime she had were usually spent spoiling or teasing the m

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feel free to send in any questions. just don’t be weird or else it’s gonna get deleted again

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