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RWBY One Shot: The
Belly Buddies

School had become much more lax ever since the disappearance of Professor Goodwitch. Students found themselves with much more free time which suited everyone. Though this, on top of both Team RWBY and Team CRDL’s disappearances, had everyone on edge. People were walking as i

RWBY One Shot: Salem’s Vision and Cinder’s Promise

Salem’s palace was a hollow shell of a building. It’s grandeur and scale belayed by the never-ending darkness covering the “kingdom” she ruled. Her domain was a desolate place void of life. Only the soulless Grimm thrived here. Those who sustai

Gabby’s Citywide Meal

“Are you kidding? Is this all I ordered?”

Gabby griped as she rolled up a whol

RWBY One Shot: A Hungry Host

Blake was relieved once her team was reunited with JNPR in the city of Argus. They events they had gone through these past few days had shaken her greatly and she was glad for JNPR’s presence. Hanging out with former classmates from Beacon gave her a se

RWBY Growing Gluttons: Girl’s Night out

Downtown Vale was usually crowded at this time of day. The streets would be thronging with foot traffic and the road would be pack with cars sitting bumper-to-bumper. Shoppers, commuters and tourists would be jostling for room, all in a rush to get to where they were going with the le

RWBY One Shot: Ruby’s Private Romantic Room

Jaune and Yang had been dating for some time at Beacon, much to everyone’s surprise. Most people at the school had assumed Yang would sooner clobber the bow rather than cuddle him. Yet here they were, hand in hand, awaiting an airship to take them to the Island of Patch in o

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Thank you for adding Beauty's Beach Buffet to your favorites! Make sure to check out the corresponding animation by the talented Darkflame8 https://www.deviantart.com/darkflame8/art/Beautys-Beach-Buffet-Vore-Animation-with-SFX-841084927


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Hey dude, I posted an idea I had for a RWBY vore story, and as the one who might possibly produce the most RWBY content here, I was wondering if you’d take a look and give some input on it please.

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