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Hey guys, I'm Oli, Eka's resident music guy and Nintendo fan. Also I might write stuff occasionally.

PM me if you wanna talk about music or Nintendo.

My DA is https://www.deviantart.com/octogravy
I might post drawings there

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At this point you probably know who I am. I mean, how could you not, given the impact I've had on the world. And if you don't, let me explain. It all started after I ate that swimmer. For a few days, everything was normal. People were avoiding me in the halls now, but I was fine with that. At least now I didn't have to hide my voracious meals anymore since everyone knew.

This story starts with me sitting in the back of boring history class. I had eaten some random girl

tenpo ni li nanpa luka luka tu wan. tenpo moku. taso, tenpo moku tawa meli li nimi e jan suwi Maja. ona li jo e linja loje, e len laso, e sijelo sinpin suli. tenpo ni la ona li lukin tawa moku. sama pi jan ale. taso, moku li ante tawa jan suwi Maja. moku tawa ona li jan.

tenpo suno ni la ona lon insa e tomo pi esun mute. kulupu pi tomo moku mute li jo e jan mute. pona suli. jan suwi Maja li tawa e jan meli la ona li toki e meli. meli en jan suwi Maja li toki

Chat Log 8/13/2022

Charlotte: damn, school is a bitch >:(((

Jake: you said it, girl -_-

Andrew: seriously? how much work do you have?

Jake: 4 pages of calculus

Charlotte: 2000 word history essay

Andrew: damn…

Charlotte: yeah

Jake: fuck that, I'm gaming >:)

I couldn't deny it any longer: my vorish diet was taking its toll on my figure, specifically my lower half. At that point, my ass had gotten so big, I couldn't fit through doors properly. I had to do something about it. So I decided to join the swim team. And it worked! After a few strenuous practice sessions, my ass was back down to a reasonable thiccness. Still enormous by normal standards, but at least I didn't get stuck in doors anymore.

However, this sl

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Yeah, comment or pm me with request, and I may do it.

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