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Two months after the job with Dani Taylor saw Eric alone at home for the week. Hayley and her girlfriends had gone away for a ladies week in Palm Springs. Obviously, Eric was concerned for Hayley’s safety for fear of another predator, but when you put things into perspective, she had as much chance of being eaten as she did from being knocked down by a car. He should know better than that, but he feared losing the one thing in this world that meant more to him than even his own life. He&rs

As you might imagine, Ashley’s declaration to Hayley that she wanted Eric to not only sleep with her but eat her, went down like a lead balloon. Hayley was furious with Ashley, but equally furious with Eric, who had been completely innocent in all this, and protested as such. In fact, Eric turned it back on Hayley and said she’d insisted that Ashley accompany him on a feed, which is what set this whole thing off in the first place!

It had been the most perfect day of Karissa’s life as she’d married the man she loved most in all the world, Oliver.

The wedding had been everything she’d ever dreamed, the flowing white gown, the tears from her friends and family, the dance, the cake, and the man of her dreams… she’d never been so happy in her entire life, and now she was jetting off to the honeymoon they’d always wanted &n

Life had been hectic since Eric had gone to prom, so much so that he’d almost forgotten that Hayley’s sister was paying them a visit. It wasn’t until the day that Hayley was due to collect her from the airport that he was reminded of the fact, with a stern reminder not to eat her. Once again, he promised not to eat Hayley’s sister, no matter what she said. It wasn’t as if Hayley didn’t trust Eric, but wanted reassurance more than anything else that he wouldn&r

Everything had been like a whirlwind since the day that Hayley had proposed to Eric – albeit exceptionally casually, but that was her style after all.

That very day in fact, they’d gone out ring shopping, whereby Eric bought Hayley a fabulous engagement ring. It had a large diamond in the middle surrounded by lots of little sapphires. Eric had insisted on the sapphires, to reflect the blue in Hayley’s eyes. Sh

It was the fourth day on her sightseeing trip to see the rare and fascinating fauna that grew in this part of the world. Isabelle had always been interested in botany, the study of plants, since she was a young girl. It had become such a passion for her, that she’d studied it at college, earning herself a masters in the subject. Even now, her passion for the field had not diminished, which had brought her out to Kenya for a group tour of the local plant-life.

It had been several months since the events surrounding Briana’s digestion.

During that time, massive progress was made regarding not only prey protection, but Predator’s rights as well. The much vaunted and championed “Briana’s Law” or to give it the full legal name; “Predator Consumption Protection Act” had been lately passed into law. Naturally, as with all such things, there were su

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So, I got a bit of a spanking from Eka... 8O :oops:

The rules state you cannot use photography of any kind on the site unless implicit permission is given, and because I'm using stock photos, it violates the rules. Well, I was a bit surprised as I see pictures on Ekas all the time, but ignorance of the rules isn't a defence. Naturally, I don't want to cause problems, so I've removed the thumbnails off of all my recent work.

I will provide a link to the image in the description for all those who like to see what the prey looks like. I do apologise if this makes the work seem less appealing now,...
[ Continued ... ]

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