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Hello! I'm Kagami. I love writing, drawing, video games, male bellies. I am only comfortable with doing M/F or M/? including M/viewer. I have no interest in female preds whatsoever and will not feature them in my artwork. I hope to connect with people who also like male preds,. I prefer SFW vore, so the majority of my art will be non-sexual. If I make NSFW art, I will tag it appropriately.

Currently I am most interested in the Mega Man series, and will take requests and suggestions relating to it. I also have art trades open if you are interested in doing it. I am accepting of people of all skills and styles, as long as our preferences are somewhat compatible.

I like to RP, although I only play as a female prey. If you want to RP, send me a message so we can discuss things. :3

Complainers not welcome! I 100% support constructive criticism and feedback on how I can improve, but people that complain about male preds, my choice of characters, etc. will not be heard. Otherwise, feel free to approach me. I am pretty friendly usually and I love to meet with people with common interests.

Art Trades: OPEN
Requests: Only if I like them

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I am still having struggles trying to find someone who accepts DA points and would want to do male pred for me. The only stuff I ever see is artists with point commissions closed, or that they only do female pred. :(

If you can suggest any male pred artists who accept DA points and can draw in a somewhat anime style, please let me know. I am seriously struggling here, and it's hard enough even offering trades since very few people share my interests.

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Posted by Heath2 10 days ago Report

Would you like to do Count Zapaway vores Jibanyan?


Posted by Temm 10 days ago Report

Thanks for the fav! Make sure to check out the original artist!


Posted by WPBcrazy 13 days ago Report

<< Reply To kagamichan

Not a problem


Posted by RiceBelch 1 month ago Report

<< Reply To kagamichan

No problem. Thanks for the warm welcome! :)


Posted by JeremyTN 2 months ago Report

<< Reply To kagamichan

I honestly love those two more then their female counterparts~ And yeah! Nights is super great~


Posted by JeremyTN 2 months ago Report

<< Reply To kagamichan

Some big ones are Marshall Lee(adventure time), Nights, and Jushtin(Star Vs)


Posted by JeremyTN 2 months ago Report

<< Reply To kagamichan

You're welcome! I do love me some M/F, so glad to see someone who mains the stuff~


Posted by CuddleFish 3 months ago Report

heya man, thanks for the watch my dude

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Posted by chaso07 5 months ago Report

thanx for the fave


Posted by gulpin 5 months ago Report

<< Reply To kagamichan

You're Welcome i love your Megaman artwork and stories ^_^


Posted by AshLovehart 10 months ago Report

Thanks a ton!


Posted by GreenEyesDarkHeart 10 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch

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