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Hello! I'm Kagami. I love writing, drawing, video games, male bellies. I am only comfortable with doing M/F or M/? including M/viewer. I have no interest in female preds whatsoever and will not feature them in my artwork. I hope to connect with people who also like male preds,. I prefer SFW vore, so the majority of my art will be non-sexual. If I make NSFW art, I will tag it appropriately.

Currently I am most interested in the Mega Man series, and will take requests and suggestions relating to it. I also have art trades open if you are interested in doing it. I am accepting of people of all skills and styles, as long as our preferences are somewhat compatible.

I like to RP, although I only play as a female prey. If you want to RP, send me a message so we can discuss things. :3

Complainers not welcome! I 100% support constructive criticism and feedback on how I can improve, but people that complain about male preds, my choice of characters, etc. will not be heard. Otherwise, feel free to approach me. I am pretty friendly usually and I love to meet with people with common interests.

Art Trades: OPEN
Requests: Only if I like them

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I had an interesting idea for a vore scenario. In the game Dragalia Lost, you can feed dragons to each other to level them up. The in-game explanation is that the dragons turn into mana, but let's be real, most gacha gamers call it "feeding".

Anyways, since there are a few humanoid dragon boys such as Cupid, Prometheus, and Apollo, and I have the niche interest of male preds eating monsters, I could see any of those boys eating any of the realistic dragons.

Personally, I would let them eat Brunhilda since she is the one dragon I really dislike, but any of the more realistic dragons as prey for a boy would interest me.

I might touch upon this in the future, but I still have a pic planned where Euden is the pred, so dragalia lost fans can look forward to that. ^^

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Thanks for watching!


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Thanks for the watch and faves. :D


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No problemo dude.


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You've earned a watch, my friend. Your art is good, definitely keep practicing and refining it!


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Thanks a lot for the watch! I just started out, and it feels really encouraging that at least some folks enjoy it so far.


Posted by Heath2 6 months ago Report

Would you like to do Count Zapaway vores Jibanyan?


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Thanks for the fav! Make sure to check out the original artist!


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Not a problem

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