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I write nonsensical Hisone x Haruto because I'm self-indulgent trash that's on the autism spectrum.

Discord: Tykylo#6379

Hello there! Welcome to my profile! I'm a rather average young able-bodied, straight, white Christian male who's into vore and science fantasy stuff.

Generally, I prefer all forms of non-fatal, NORMAL vore (I'm not into anal vore, cock vore, or unbirth, sue me). Recently, however, I've began to gravitate towards romantic male-to-female vore (I'm such a patriarchal sexist, I know), and for some unexplainable reason I'm also into girls getting off inside of their partner's gut, so yeah, expect that xD.

My all-time favorite anime is Dragon Pilot: Hisone to Masotan. While it's definitely not the most popular anime out there, due to Bones screwing up the marketing, it tells such a heartfelt and beautiful story that I'm really sad that others haven't found out about it yet or aren't able to appreciate it, and I can't wait to ruin all of that with my nonsensical, vorish FANFICTION!

I also like NORMAL things too, such as Star Wars, Marvel, Transformers, Battlefield, and I'm attempting to get into Warhammer 40K.

So yeah, be sure to give my fanfics a read if you're into THAT kind of thing, xD.

(Btw if I act weird around compliments, that just means that I'm always mentally prepared for criticism and just seeing a compliment in place of criticism can be a little jarring to me because of that.)

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The Girl that Crossed the Far Off Sky

A large, cylindrical craft appeared at the edge of the solar system. Its thrusters activating, it crept its way through the Kuiper Belt, then through the asteroid field, and then reached Earth's atmosphere, where it released a large, mechanical monstrosity, the machine becoming a fireball as it traversed through the clouds. Crashing on an island in the Pacific Ocean, the machine rose to life, using its four legs to s




sat on the beach together, staring into the pink sky of the sunset,


cool, gentle breeze blowing through their

hair, the sound of the waves crashing on the shore relaxing them.


Playfully knocking down


on the floor,


proceeded to park her butt firmly on his abdomen. "Hehe, enjoying the view?" she teased him, as his face turned bright red and he desperately tried to hide his admiration of her backside, clothed only by the skintight flight suit she was wearing. Turning around,


Haruto closed the door to his house behind him, shoving his house keys in his pocket. He and his girlfriend Hisone had been granted a weeklong leave, which was just as well because Haruto was absolutely exhausted from fixing an issue with one of Masotan's engine exhaust nozzles that kept burning the poor dragon's feet, on his birthday, no less. "Hisone? I'm home! Hisone?" Haruto called out for his girlfriend, but received no answer. As he walked further into his living room, he noticed

Haruto's morning had gotten off to a weird start to say the least. One minute Hisone offered to make him breakfast, and the next thing he knew, she was already halfway inside his belly. Gulping instinctively as to not suffocate, Haruto noisily and hungrily slurped up what was left of her, letting his enlarged, gurgling middle spill out afterwards.

Burping up some air, Haruto began drooling over his stomach. "You know, you could've just asked", he told her. &quo

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Everything is going swimmingly! Fixed some grammatical errors, added more prologue, and edited out a really bad pun Grievous makes while fighting Obi-Wan and Anakin.

I work well when fueled by nerd hormones.

P.S. This is probably the longest singular piece of literature I've written so far. Also, think of the story in general as a darker version of the 2003 and 2008 Clone Wars TV shows.

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My fanfics literally constitute almost a third of all Hisone to Masotan content on this site.
...Send reinforcements, I can't do this on my own xd.


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No problem, keep up the good work!


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right there with ya!


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Yes, I'm watching it


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It's not gross or weird and fuck anyone who tells you it is. :)


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No prob :3


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