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| Ari | He/Him | Jotaro Kinnie | Oral Vore and Preg | Trans Artist | Demisexual | Taken! | 20 | DOB: September 15 | COMMs Closed until I revamp my prices! Stay tuned! | Current Obsession: JJBA Parts 1-4! |

Specific hyperfixations include: Rouge The Bat and Amy Rose(Sonic), Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano(Star Wars: Clone Wars), Pokémon, main gals of Wakfu, and Spiderman(Peter B Parker and the live action movie actor, Tobey Maguire), and Venom 2018(Eddie/Venom).

Also my fandoms that I particularly enjoy are(in case you want to know what I most likely will draw): Smile For Me, Terraria, Fallout, Borderlands, and Steven Universe!

If you have a question, just ask! I'm really a pretty shy person so I don't always make the 1st move in a convo, but when I do it means that you seem kind enough where I want to try to talk! I also try to respond to all my comments and PMs, but if I'm inactive then it may take a 3-4 days for a response. But even if I don't respond, I do read ALL your comments and just the fact that you took some time to give me a message brightens my day!

Feel free to give me possible inspiration or even a kind message on my Curiouscat:

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A lot has happened. Me and my fam got exposed the Covid on Xmas cuz of a dumbass in our family that freaked us all the F out for a while (don't worry it was a mild strain so we all weren't in a life threatening position, just had to self-isolate until we got better). I got professionally diagnosed by my Psychologist with C-PTSD over something that I didn't have to deal with 6 years ago, so that's been gnawing at me but slowly improving. My old bestie pretty much abandoned me with 0 goodbye so that's fun.

Tho, the last most stressful and devastating thing is that my grandpa recently passed away on the 25th of January. He already had tons of blood pressure issues prior to Covid, and we believe that it weakened him to the point of collapse. There was nothing we could of done as...
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Trans rights are human rights

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