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Hello all! My name is Ari and I am a trans man who just really loves vore, unbirth, pregnancy, cum inflation, etc. Basically anything that involves bellies getting stuffed to a reasonable amount(the exception is anal vore but that's one of the only things that really ick me).

I go more into my policies about art commissions, art trades, and requests in the "Commission Status" page. But if you wanna read the short version right here, then:

1.) COMMISSIONS - I'm extremely accommodating for certain kinks that I may not like as well as if the person wants me to edit/modify my work to improve the art quality for said person! I really don't bite at all, so if you feel the need to bring something up that I may have missed don't be afraid to ask!

2.) ART TRADES - I don't mind if you complete your end of the trade with artwork or writing, as long as I get your end of it, it's all good! :)

3.) REQUESTS - I don't necessarily do them but I may make an exception if we're friends(please don't get close to me just for my art), if I like the idea in particular, or if I'm just feeling up to it. However, if I do requests, then they're mostly just rough sketches, mostly as incentive to commission me for more quality work. But trust me that it's not to be mean, it's just how I feel that I should do things.

Also my fandoms that I particularly enjoy are(in case you want to know what I most likely will draw): Fallout, Villainous, Borderlands, Pokémon, Steven Universe, and OK KO: Let's be Heroes!

If you have a question, just ask! I'm really a pretty shy person so I don't always make the 1st move in a convo, but when I do it means that you seem kind enough where I want to try to talk! I also try to respond to all my comments and PMs, but if I'm inactive then it may take a 3-4 days for a response. But even if I don't respond, I do read ALL your comments and just the fact that you took some time to give me a message brightens my day!

Tumblr: Ari-Starlight(SFW)
NSFW Twitter: Ari Starlight (@AriStarlight18)
SFW Twitter: Ari Starlight (@AriStarlightSFW)

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I feel like I gotta explain that the reason I haven't been posting or drawing lately is that I have serious art block rn. I just haven't felt an overwhelming urge to draw and that's mainly because I haven't been in a good head space lately.. Or that's what that feels like. :/

I just feel like my body dysphoria is getting progressively worse lately, which in turn also affects me socially, mentally, emotionally, and physically, basically anything that shouldn't be a big deal to me becomes amplified rn. Or that's just how I'd put it. Rn I've just been super depressed about the fact I haven't been able to transition with HRT just yet, which, granted, I've been putting too much pressure on this summer being a starting date, I know it's a long process, but still..

I dunno, I just feel as if...
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