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The explosion was not really there.


Mareth kept that in mind as they crossed over the bridge. A fierce wind of foul invention blew past the faerie’s ear but as expected it did not burn as its creator had hoped for.


“Make a note Hugo: Magic is built on belief, on whether you believe the phenomen-“ The advisor began but did not hear the dist


Contains F/M Sexual Content, Digestion, Disposal,


(eating scat), Will-breaking, a sphinx version of


Knowles and plenty of body gas.

The thing about warlocks was that they tend to make enemies. A LOT of enemies. Some of those enemies included the Palad

Another day another disappointment.
Working a nine to five job at the local clothes store. Some off-brand
blot that seemed to jut out of the industrial estate around it. Its
bright colours harpooned the eyes from across the parking lot and was
supposedly a great way to advertise their new baby range. You always
told yourself that anything would be better than this job.How
wrong you were.Already she was using a harsh tone, poking
down on the till like she was digging for gold with her outraged

The table
stretched between us like an ocean, with a myriad of foods placed
upon it as sailboats heading for a foreign land. I had forgotten
where the old oak furniture piece had come from or what it was used
for before we got our hands on it. But nevertheless I knew Maria had
told me once before and she wasn’t someone to repeat herself.
Ironically the cooked turkey in her bloated tummy was starting to
repeat on her.She spoke half in stifled belches, half gentle
English tone at this point: “

The First
DealIn the darkest pit of the darkest void, a devil sits.
Not The Devil. A devil: A baron of hell to be precise. A shapeless
form who envisions our world in its every waking moment. The wishes
and dreams of mortals be its heartbeat, every thought in its head
being a fantasy from someone alive right now.This existence
does not suit it. It envies us. It seeks to remove the need to
separate it from us. It seeks to join reality into fantasy: For the
thoughts in its head to become the physi

You always had a vague interest in
biology. It wasn’t enough to make you spend hours upon hours
studying out of dusty old textbooks but you certainly had an interest
in the weird and wonderful side of organic science. Beyond potato
clocks, you were testing how quickly food is digested and the net
mass of food converted to waste. You were reading up on parasites and
those strange cases throughout history of weird pallets and tastes,
like Tarrare. The more you looked at it, the more links you ma

Clarissa sat
in her hut by herself. A red ornate bow in her chestnut hair. She was
sat on her bed with her knees up to her chest as she thought about
what to do. When gifted with such magical power the world was truly
your oyster but the childish sorceress often got bored very, very
easily. She could turn the sun into a ball of glittery yarn for the
day is she wanted, but that seemed boring. With a snap of her
porcelain tidy fingers, a million pink mongooses would ransack the
nearby town of Wens

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Here we are again.

I'll cut to the chase. I'm back writing again. Not sure for how long but it helps a lot with my depression at the moment so I'll probably be keeping up for a while now and being generally more active on here.

I will be uploading my usual brand of weirdness very soon including a new Clarissa story, a new (and super fun) POV, a few RPs with some very talented people and a delve into the MTG universe.

I have a fresh series for you all which I will be uploading from Monday to Wednesday, the main reason being that while all parts of the story contains fun lewd material I think you'll enjoy, there isn't any actual vore until the end but it does make up for it, I swear!

My question for you guys is: Should I upload it in separate parts so you can absorb all the different...
[ Continued ... ]

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