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Milking the Moment Posted 3 weeks ago
Hey there, no time, long see!

Been super busy with work, comms and the general complex frustration of life. Hope you're all doing well!

This session's story relates to a fun world of Pokemon subservience to powerful hungry Miltanks, find it here:

My commissions are currently full and backlogged but if you're interested, check out my pricing and limits here:

Have a lovely weekend!
Monsters in your Inbox! Posted 2 months ago
Hello everyone!

Hope the start of your week is going smoothly.

I have a new story to share with you, find it here before Raichu gobbles you up:

Have a fabulous week and see you soon!
Ko-Fi! Posted 2 months ago
Hey there!

I now have an account on Ko-fi so if you want to pay for stories through there rather than Paypal or just want to leave a nice donation, that option is now available!

Find it here:
Punch In, Punch Out, Punchy! Posted 3 months ago
Hey folks!

This week's tale is a particularly graphic and gross showcase of Punchy's voracity in a follow-up to my previous story with him, find it here:

Comms are currently closed but if you want to book yourself in for next month/discuss details, my status is right here:
A Gallery Shrouded in Cobwebs Posted 3 months ago
Phew, what a busy two weeks! Thanks to everyone who has shown interest in commissioning me and those who are yet to come.

This week's story features the world of Monster Hunter and exactly why the Gunlance is superior to the Insect Glaive, find it here:

As always (from now that is), I am open for commissions with two slots open for the next few weeks. Check my status, pricing and all that good stuff here:

Catch you around friends!
The Return Posted 4 months ago
Hi everyone, hope you're doing well.

I will be returning to writing starting this week though there will be some stipulations as follows:
1. I will be doing a minimum of four stories a month and as such, will only have four slots open at a time.
2. I will be upping my prices to 0.02 USD per word.

Hope to hear from you soon, and please, any questions give me a shout!
Taking A Break. Posted 5 months ago
This is very hard for me to write but here goes.

I'm going though a very shit time mental-health wise and I don't think I can manage writing alongside my day-to-day jobs, without overloading on stress that is. I love this place, I love you guys, I love writing for people but currently I don't feel that same affection to myself and that's something I've got to take some time, re-evaluating some shit.

Long story is, I'm taking a break from writing for about a month or so. If you want to run comm ideas by me (with the knowledge I won't be able to take it on for a while), chat, hang out, rp (when the seldom mood approaches) etc, add me on Discord: Pactborn #6912. I won't be on this site much while I'm recuperating.

Hope you're all well and I'll see you...
[ Continued ... ]
A Voracious Hunt Posted 5 months ago

Hope you're having a nice weekend.

This week's story features the unlikely duo of Lamb, an aspect of death, and Lillia, a bubbly guardian of the glade, fighting more than just hunger pains:

No link to my comm status this week as I am currently working on a lot of big projects, have my slots reserved anyway and am also severely depressed at the moment so don't want to let anyone down. Hope you're all doing okay at least.

See you soon!
I Spy With My Eye... Posted 5 months ago

This week's (technically last week's) story features a hungry Deathclaw and an observant bandit who takes great joy in watching the food chain at work:

As always, my comms are open, check my status here for more details!
Training to New Extremes~ Posted 6 months ago

What a busy week! I've started a few new jobs (plural yes) so will be a bit more delayed with writing but will take just as much time ensuring the quality of my work as usual!

This week's story features some of the many cute women from My Hero Academia getting into quite the saucy conundrum, check that out here:

As always, my comms are open, check them out here:

Have a lovely week!