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Vore is bad. Vore is cruel and violent and amoral.

That's why I fucking love it so much.

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In one corner, we have the beautiful Angelina! Neat, petite , and ready to eat! But will she be the eater or the eaten? In the other we have Kallum! The monsters he fights are usually more literal, but he always has a big appetite, and Angeline looks like a nice appetizer!
Kallum charges forward, knife pointing proudly ahead and wind in his hair. "Let's get this over with quickly, shall we?" he laughs. Angelina flinches, but only for a moment. When Kallum reaches he

It's a clash of the titans, folks! Two heavyweights size each other up in the arena! two ladies will enter, only one will leave... In one corner we have Layla, a real scrapper who clawed her way up from the bottom. Standing at five foot eleven and clocking in at way above a normal BMI, she's rip ready to go! In the other corner we have a monster of a woman, it's Gretta! (Last name not given). Carrying the clear size advantage here, she's going in unarmed, but standing tall at six foot eight, doe

"Dude, are you getting an erection from me swallowing you?"
"What? No!"
"Dude I can see it in your swimsuit."
"...I haven't had any physical contact since I broke up with Karen."
"Man, fuck Karen. She was a bitch."
"Hey, don't bad-talk Karen! She was alright. I was the problem."
"If you say so Dude."
"Yeah Bro."
"Y'know it's okay if you're gay, righ

Clarice walked brazenly though the night, her headset playing music as loud as it can and her eyes almost focused on the path ahead. The sidewalk was illuminated primarily by streetlights, as not many people had their lights on.
Clarice was the kind of girl who turns heads, in more ways than one. She was voluptuous, with a bosom that was a gift from god, and a rear to balance it out. More than that, though, was the way she dressed. Her lower lip was pierced, twice, and her hair had gone

I sit patiently in my cage.
My arms are held away from me by chains and my feet are kept on the ground by metal bars. My breasts dangle, uncovered, as I kneel on my knees and lean forward, my chained arms keeping me off the floor. My wings, long ago feathery and beautiful, have been torn off, leaving bloody stumps wrapped with fetid bandages. On my back is a magic seal, a runic circle etched in my own flesh. It keeps me injured. It keeps me weak.
I am Filla, Archdemon of Glutto

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So I've been exploring kinks and myself and I've realized I've been lying about my sexuality. I don't wanna see women get dominated and eating. I don't like humans. I'm actually exclusively submissive. I think furries are very sexy.

As such, I will be changing the subject of my writing. No more will I have F/F or M/F human with digestion; no, from here until I die I will be writing consensual furry F/M unbirth. Specifically, the prey will be my self-insert. I also plan to purchae a handful of commissions of my self-insert being eating in a safe and mutually consensual way from people who primarily do F/F nonconsensual art with digestion.

Thank you for reading this important status update.

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