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like legit, toss me your idea for a gross story, I'll probs do it

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“Honey, I’m home!~”, Simon Whittaker chirped upon entering his house, ready to settle in for the night with his positively lovely wife Wren. He kept up a smile and the pep in his step, but time just passed. The air was practically dead, save for the natural ambience of the house itself. No sign of Wren’s voice, no sign of Wren, nothing.



Factory Brochure

Implicitly, most understand that the girlmeat that ran the fast food industry has to be - in a sense - mass produced. You have to get the right girls out there fast, and you have to do it on a massive scale - that’s just how things work at the scale of the biggest chains in the business.

Thigh Guys, Raisin’ Janes, Cake


“So, what’ll it be today,


” Clancy said, looking to his


with a sly grin, knowing just which gears were turning in her pretty little head - and knowing that he’d love to play along.


Once, there was a kingdom by the name of Spickenspan. By humble coincidence - or via self-fulfilling prophecy, perhaps - the kingdom just so happened to be a very clean and pleasing place. The streets were clean, the residents were clean - even the public restrooms, via meticulous effort, were clean. Everything and everyone was clean, and no one exemplified this more than the clean Queen Maribelle, who ruled over the land with an iron broom. From her head down to her heels, she was clean as a wh


The Blade of Evil’s Bane, the Legendary Sword, the Sword that Seals the Darkness...the Master Sword. It was known by many names, but to all on the battlefield, it was known by one thing; having done its duty. Ganon was laid to waste with the power of the sword, and Hyrule was free - Zelda included.



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Hoots' Blog - Potential future stories? Posted 4 months ago

got a few ideas!

Top Ten Dumb Horny Ideas
1. A crack at that Genly kinda M/F shit, real gross stuff baybe – wait fuck I already do that dammit
2. Some more Link pred stuff – might as well, BOTW2 got some shit. Zelda...getting 8…
3. M/F world? All male pred, all female prey – a look at how that’d work, maybe?
4. Crappypasta. Game contains hot characters, hot characters end up in the player. Bada bing, bada bang, bada boom.
5. Continuation of Usurping the Throne – show how king shit of bitch mountain rules
6. Straight up ditch the vore. Have it heavily implied, sure – but do something else. Scat museum kind of idea – showing off the demises of previous prey. Could be a new alt – The_Curator, anyone?
7. Just NTR but with hot femboy...
[ Continued ... ]

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