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Someone writing stories about girls being reduced to food. Also me, I want to be reduced to food.

Come be a horny mess with me, have fun in the comments.

Warning: My stories will typically contain fatal aspects, digestion, cooking, and scat.

If anyone would like to create artwork based on any of the stories, feel free to and please credit me. Mainly because I'd love knowing that I inspired something. Send me a message too if you do!

I'm open to suggestions, but not taking requests/commissions as I still feel new and am mostly doing this for fun, and don't want anyone to be upset if what I do doesn't meet their expectations.

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Eva and her two friends were sitting in her room, laughing and gossiping about something or another. Eva had her back to the closed door to the room, and her other friends were arranged in a triangle in front of her. Eva paused for a moment as she heard the faint sound of a door opening and closing.“Hey guys, I think my mom is home now.”“Oh, should we leave?” one of them asked.“Nah, it should be fine.” Eva said.They continued laughing and chatting, not hearing the sounds of foot

I felt like writing a few disposal scenes. So that’s what I’m gonna do. If you don’t like disposal and scat, get out now. I’m gonna have some fun with this. Maria plopped her now fatter ass on the toilet and pushed.“Come on baby, don’t fight back now…” she sighed as her once daughter crowned from her anus. The thick brown mass stretched her hole wide as it slid out and she moaned loudly. Her happy daughter with dreams and ambitions, now just brown waste that splashed into th

“Come on, come on!”Claire was pulling her girlfriend, Jill, into her room through the window. Claire may have been a little grounded, partly because this wasn’t the first time she had done something like this, but that wasn’t going to stop her from sneaking some intimate time with her lover. Her parents were still home, but her room was decently far from theirs and it was late enough that they had gone to bed.Jill finally tumbled over the window’s ledge into the room and stood up, a

Stephanie was standing in front of a mirror in her room. The end of spring had come and summer was right around the corner. Prime swimsuit season, she was going to be able to flaunt off her body to everyone who starred in her direction. The problem was, she thought as she held up her very expensive, very sexy swimsuit over her body, that over winter she had somehow lost a ton of weight. Her body was pretty petite now, the exact opposite of her once very curvy and well padded form before. He

Sena walked down the hall leading to her apartment. She fumbled for her keys a bit when the door to her next door neighbor opened. Out walked Charlie, a large horse girl, wearing nothing but a loose shirt, stained with sweat and other things, and her massive horse cock dangling limply between her legs. It was still oozing a bit of cum as Sena figured she had just masturbated before walking out. She looked the other way and then turned and saw Sena fiddling with her keys.“Oh good, you’re

Sena was relaxing at home, having nothing to do for the day. The short sheep girl wore a loose fitting shirt and no pants while she lounged on her bed. Her shirt read “Rather Be Digesting”, a shirt she normally didn’t wear out in public. While she was a massive prey slut and would love nothing more than to stew in someone’s stomach before passing on as logs of shit, she felt shy about these things. She was tapping away at her phone when a call came in.“Hello,” she said.“Hey! S

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mosena's Blog - Neat Posted 1 month ago

I broke 100k views :)

Thanks everyone, stay horny.

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Posted by hershey 2 months ago Report

imagine getting bellied

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Posted by JustNothing 2 months ago Report

Hey there, thank you so so much for the watch I'm realy honered by that. I would Love to Chat more with you.. only If you have nothing against that of course :3


Posted by BridgeCross10 2 months ago Report

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Posted by VioletNom 2 months ago Report

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Hello friend, please do, you dont even need to ask for it


Posted by MrPhoton 2 months ago Report

Will be watching you with great interest


Posted by Winny 2 months ago Report

<< Reply To mosena

Heeeeeeh~ Thats lovely to hear! <3 It always warms my heart to hear people receiving inspiration and a love of a new hobby from my stories~ Continue being awesome, and keep on writing. :d


Posted by katmiqote 2 months ago Report

<< Reply To mosena

I think so? My Viera still has my miqo'te in her ass in its original form or in its most disgusting form and she doesn't complain about it so she must surely like becoming a stinky mush.:3

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Posted by katmiqote 2 months ago Report

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Maybe for my Viera, my Miqo'te is just prey Meow~. :3

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Posted by Thebadrad123 3 months ago Report

Just wanted to say I love your writing!


Posted by TheDarkTraveler 9 months ago Report

thanks for the fav

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