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I turn sexy girls into living fat, gas and shit through the power of vore.

I'm always happy to hear from people.

Discord: GaseousEntity#9169

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Twin Snakes“Oh crap, we’re really doing this, huh?”  Amy changed the FOV of the camera, bringing the full body of Becca, her girlfriend of four years, into frame, along with the gym mats they had arranged on the floor. It was Becca who spoke, sounding both nervous and excited. There were worse ways to start the video.  “Wait, you’re recording already!?” Becca exclaimed. “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.... I’m not sure I’m ready for this!”  “This i

Flushing Fate    Lugging around an experimental device wasn't all that fun, Kendra discovered, as she remained burdened by the gizmo while everyone around her was dancing, singing, and generally having a really good time. Concerts never really were her thing, and neither, she decided as a mass of sweaty bodies swarmed around her, were crowds. The only reason she was here was because she had temporarily taken leave of her senses while working at her internship this morning. Kendra

Daniella’s Diaper DumpThings had been hectic as of late for Daniella. The streamer had finally made her long awaited move across the pond, taking the life that she knew and relocating it to London. It was a tremendous undertaking. Her time on Twitch had been strained as a result. It was fickle as entertainment mediums went, and her time away had caused her subscriber count to plummet. She told herself that it was just a number, but the truth was that she was feeling more than a little disheart

Where They BelongThe fashion world had a problem. No, not inequality, corruption or their overbearing influence on people. Models were disappearing. No one knew how or why, only that some people just up and vanished one day, leaving no trace of where they might have gone or what might have happened to them. Well, that wasn’t quite true. One person did know why this was happening; mainly because she was the one responsible. That person was a 24 year old system administrator nam

(Self-vore & Fart transformation)    Some people chose a hobby to enrich or better their lives. Others chose one in order to become more more appealing to friends or a prospective partner, while yet more did it for no greater reason than to have something to fill their time with. Samantha wasn't like those people. She chose to pick up yoga for one reason alone.She really, really wanted to be a fart.From a young age she had an obsession with flatulence. It carried through to her t

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Thank you for your interest in commissions. I hope to have them open again soon. My progress on the current batch is as follows:

1. Anon (Completed)
2. evbro22 (Completed)
3. Zenful
4. Anon (WIP)
5. Chaos (Completed)
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Looking forward to it!

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Thanks for the watch and the faves! I love your Beauregard story, btw.

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Thanks for the fave!


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You should look it up if you want. The girls in it are really cute. Also you have a Discord account?


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Have you heard of a game called Lobotomy Corporation? It has a bunch of cute girls.


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Hello there~


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Welcome. I’ll be watching you.


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No problem


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Thanks for the watch and favs!

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