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I turn sexy girls into living fat, gas and shit through the power of vore.

I'm always happy to hear from people.

Discord: GaseousEntity#9169

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Diaper Dump
had been hectic as of late for Dodger. The streamer had finally made
her long awaited move across the pond, taking the life that she knew
and relocating it to London. It was a tremendous undertaking. Her
time on Twitch had been strained as a result. It was fickle as
entertainment mediums went, and her time away had caused her
subscriber count to plummet. She told herself that it was just a
number, but the truth was that she was feeling more than a little

couldn’t believe my luck.
only had I secured tickets to a sold out Envi Us show, I had been
fortunate enough to be selected to go backstage and meet with the
band after the performance.
was nothing special; a woman in my early twenties with a reasonably
slim body, flat chest and short brunette hair. The one notable thing
about my appearance was something I kept a secret from almost
everyone. Packed tightly between my legs was a dick, a second sexual
organ to pair with my vagina.

Opportunity for All
bloated as the world had become, there was never any shortage of good
causes to support. Hunger, illness and injustice would always be
prevalent to some degree; they could never be eradicated entirely. It
was up to good people to lessen the hurt, and one tried and proved
method of doing that came in the form of high profile fundraisers.
most charities specialized in one or two key areas, An
Opportunity for All targeted
every one of societies failings. It's manda

was tired of fighting. Tired of running. Tired of hiding.
months now, the Wild Hunt had been hot on her trail, endlessly
pursuing her in order to snuff out her life. Her power of her blood
was a threat to them, and so she must die. Ciri was always one step
ahead of them, but fleeing for so long had left her alone and utterly
when she had been ready to call it quits, Ciri had chanced upon
Avallac'h; an Elven mage of great power. Of course it only seemed
like chance to

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I'll be posting some more of my NSFW transformation stories on this page soon. DeviantArt understandably takes issue with some of them, so for the time being they'll be finding a home here in my gallery. Continued vore stories will not be affected.

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Have you heard of a game called Lobotomy Corporation? It has a bunch of cute girls.


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