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Parent Teacher talk.
"Phew" Gwen said as she pat her stomach, it has been a long morning but it was finally over and she couldn't be happier. Stood up off the toilet she was sat upon she looked down at her handiwork, it was a shame no one else had got to see her touchdown the high schools 19 year old star runner into the end zone, but she had found her own way to amuse herself. She had managed to get shit all over his whole high school career, using his diploma and homework ass

Karan, Dale and Claudia
Karan was waiting on her girlfriend Claudia to come back from work. They were both cowgirls, Karan the smaller of the two in all respects, Claudia had her beat in height, bra size and girth a true cow. Today it was Claudia's birthday, she had turned 29, Karan decided she was going to surprise her partner with a cake, with "beefcake" inside of it; the beefcake in question was Karan's friend Dale a fox that worked out a lot.
The reason for the ma

Truth or dare
"Okay Kelly you win, you can let me out now!" the girls heard from outside the door, they had been playing a game of truth or dare and it was obvious this childish activity was going south. "Debby? Are you okay in there?" one of the girls called out of the pack of three called out "NO! She ate me!" the response got one of the women giggling "Well you did dare her too!"
The event was organised by Sophie, she was a big shot at h

Hung over Helena
*Beep* *Beep* *Beep*
The alarm clock had been going for a solid ten minutes and the fantasy world Helena had been experiencing in her dreams had finally stopped trying to make sense of piercing noise and kicked her out of sleep. What had once been the vivid image was now lost as she had forgotten completely what she was dreaming about, clumsily slapping her hand down onto the bedside table trying to stop the buzzer. Her efforts were rewarded with the sweet soun

Big Betty and Little Lilly
Betty and Lilly had been best friends since they were kids, they had gone to all the same schools together and were going to the same university together even renting out a flat together. To most they looked like lovers with the whole opposites attract angle going on.
Betty was a very tall woman with a very obvious eating problem that had left her very fat. She had a bit of a gothic fashion sense that played into the opposite land gimmick the couple ha

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