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Karan, Dale and Claudia
Karan was waiting on her girlfriend Claudia to come back from work. They were both cowgirls, Karan the smaller of the two in all respects, Claudia had her beat in height, bra size and girth a true cow. Today it was Claudia's birthday, she had turned 29, Karan decided she was going to surprise her partner with a cake, with "beefcake" inside of it; the beefcake in question was Karan's friend Dale a fox that worked out a lot.
The reason for the man inside the cake was that both Karan and Claudia were bisexual; Claudia had expressed interest in a threesome so Karan asked her running partner to help her out this one time. Dale agreed since he was in a bit of a dry spell and knew all that free range milk would quench it.
"Sorry Dale I have no idea where she is, she should have been home by now and I can't get hold of her." Karan said to Dale who was stuck inside of this big spongy cake "Can I just get out of this stupid cake? I've been sitting here for an hour, it's dark" Dale replied with a very defeated tone "No, getting you in there was a pain, and she IS going to be here, I'm going to go look for her, she's probably at the bar with her work colleges" Karan said as she put on her coat and grabbed her keys "Don't leave Dale! If you hear Claudia walk in, jump out like we planned!" she yelled as she locked the door and ran down the stairs of the complex, Dale could be heard huffing angry breaths as she left.
Claudia was clueless to the surprise she was missing; she was at the bar with her work partners doing a bit of casual drinking and currently looked like a mess with her suit unbuttoned and her shirt not tucked in. She looked ready for some action and took the elevator up, missing her lover who used the stairs. With big heavy steps she unlocked the front door with a smile, and walked into the living room "Karan, I'm - OH!" she put a hand over her mouth as Dale burst out of the cake screaming "Surprise!" the surprise she expressed must have been genuine since she immediately started to hiccup.
"So are you *hic* part of the cake?" Claudia hiccupped as she walked towards Dale swinging her hips and whipping her tale from left to right "Courtesy of Karan!" Dale said quite proudly, happy to finally be free "Mmm, you know 'cake' I'm ravenous right now and feeling very *hic* selfish" Claudia said licking her lips and unbuttoning her shirt letting her supported chest hang out "I'm sure Karan will be here any moment..." he said anxiously as the giant of a woman scooped some of the cake icing off the shattered remains and wiped it off on Dale's face "Oh, why would I *hic* share you with her? You're much *hic* too big for her" every hiccup caused her breasts to ripple across the surface, this would have turned Dale on if not for the fact he was being faced down by a woman a foot taller than him and producing an excessive amount of saliva that she constantly coated her lips with using her tongue "No, you're defiantly all mine" she pinned Dale's arms to his sides, paralyzing him with fear "you look *hic* delicious..." as Claudia rolled out the S she left her jaw to hang open, Dale could only stare up into the darkness at the back of her throat as he was lifted up, he had no idea what to think or how to react but Claudia didn't give him much time to do either, she hiccupped one list time and pulled Dale head first into her voracious mouth.
Dale was slowly and carefully being fed into the oesophagus of Claudia already shoulder deep in the mouth with a long fat cow longue lubricating his chest, still limp with terror he was completely at the mercy of Claudia who had continued to push him down her neck, completely subverting the gag reflex and exercising incredible control over the muscles in her neck. His mind finally snapped out of it as Claudia locked her lips around his abdomen, hiccupped once again and lost him to her rebooted peristalsis action. The muscles gripped him and pulled him down further as Claudia switched to gulping to help her body, Dale now kicking and screaming in the darkness of Claudia's body as she cupped his groin with her tongue and pulled him in. Although she savoured the taste she was much more interested in filling up and the feeling of Dale traveling down inside of her did just that. His form could be seen expanding Claudia's chest as he made his way to her belly, the lump visibly divided her breasts causing them to snap the bra and wildly flop about as she slurped down Dale's legs and pushed his feet into her mouth using a single hand. She kissed her hand as she did this and gave herself a moment to fully swallow the feet before smiling and hiccupping once again, jarring Dale as his feet were dragged back up and then down again, if the action wasn't so fast he might have hopped Claudia was trying to throw him up, but no such luck as the rest of him was deposited in the stomach leaving Claudia with a huge swollen gut and a wicked smile.
"Yes, you were much too big for *hic* Karen, plus it's my birthday, I shouldn't have to share my cake!" she giggled the second half of her sentence as she scooped massive fistfuls of the cake and stuffed them into her face. She ate them in a much more traditional and gluttonous manner than Dale who was left shivering and sweating inside the hot insides of Claudia as the walls groaned and shifted happy with their new arrival. He didn't start struggling and kicking up a fuss until he felt the chewed up cake that he spent so long in start to bury him. "Let me out of here! I'm not food!" the reaction was shocking to Claudia who paused for a moment before devouring more of the giant dessert that complimented the savoury meal she just had.
Claudia continued to eat the cake despite Dale's complaints; she seemed very unfazed by the continued writhing within her stomach, if the smile on her face was any indication she was actually enjoying it. She soon finished the cake filling up her tummy and rounding it out, the occasional bump showing it's self as Dale continued to hopelessly fight against the walls that caused her no discomfort, the vibrations only causing her massive breasts to jiggle, an action that the frequent hiccups she had also caused.
"Hmm, I'm feeling very sleepy now, such a big meal..." Claudia mused to herself as she rubbed her belly, half taunting Dale, half congratulating herself on the feat. The tone of the sentence completely crushed Dale's confidence; he now knew his fate and completely gave up his efforts to free himself from the giant woman's iron gut. Claudia was already standing, but hunched because of the weight of Dale bringing her down, so she straightened up removed her remaining garbs with the exception of her underpants and proceeded to sway and wobble her way towards her bedroom. For someone who just gained more than 180 pounds she did a remarkably good job of carrying it, her only stumbles caused by Dale who was shifting his position to get more comfortable in his fleshy tomb. The worst enemy to dale right now was the walls; they shifted and compressed him stewing him in a compacted organic booth full of chewed up cake, he found himself constantly fighting for a way to the surface of this slurry to catch a breath of air, he would be damned if he drowned in cake. It had not dawned on him that a single deep burp from Claudia would snuff out his oxygen and leave him suffocating. It was almost as if she knew this and liked having a living thing digest inside of her.
With a hefty sound Claudia landed her generous rear on the bed causing the springs to strain. She shifted herself so she was lying on her back on the bed and took her underpants off finally, she was getting ready to pleasure herself in celebration of her birthday but heard the front door unlock "Dale, I couldn't find her, she left already!" Karan was screeching, Claudia thought to herself, who was Dale? The man who was in the cake? Her belly seemed to react to the call of Dale as it wobbled uncontrollably, Claudia giggled to herself.
"Who is Dale dear?" Claudia called back to her partner, Karan walked into the bedroom where the noise was coming from "Oh my! Claudia! You're huge!" was the first reaction she had upon seeing Claudia "It was all that delicious cake, it was in a bit of a state when I got in and hollow but there was still plenty" she replied with a guilty grin on her face knowing full well why she was so big "Oh... Dale was a friend I hired to jump out of the cake and surprise you, I guess you missed it" Karen said with a big sigh filled with disappointment and a hint of anger at Dale's supposed abandonment. "Oh well it's the thought that counts, and I loved the cake, it was very filling, perhaps you could give me a little ...'milk' to wash it down" Claudia finished her sentence in a very seductive manner raising and lowering her eye brows to hint to her girlfriend "Oh!" Karan said with much enthusiasm, removing her T-shirt and bra "Left or Right?" she said lifting her breasts up and squeezing a squirt of milk out of each, they were much smaller than Claudia's colossal assets that had made them both plenty of money on the side.
"I didn't mean that kind of milk Karan" Claudia said licking her lips, constantly stroking her fat belly to cover up its movements "I'm not sure I... OH!" Karan questioned before seeing Claudia roll her tongue out, Karan instantly got the idea and completely undressed, putting two fingers inside her vagina "You mean THIS milk" Karan said with a smile, Claudia returned the smile and beaconed her over with a get over here finger motion. Karan seductively as she could, walked over to the bed but ended up just looking like an amateur, she climbed up and sat her bum on Claudia's face bending over to grasp at her lovers breasts and sup on their delicious milk. While Karan's lips locked around Claudia's massive erect burger nipples, Claudia's lips blindly sucked in Karan's tight and sensitive lady parts.
Claudia's vision was completely obscured by Karan's tush and her olfactory overwhelmed by the smell between the cheeks, she did not let either dismay her from the mission at hand, satisfy Karan and get the drink of 'milk'. The groin of Karan had been totally encapsulated in Claudia's mouth and deeply penetrated by Claudia's tongue, completely forcing apart the pussy lips and invading the entirety of the vagina. Karan's elation was manifested as a steady increase in her thirst quenching as she breastfed from Claudia who was constantly sucking, licking and plunging her tongue in and out of Karan's vulva.
It wasn't long the moans of joy muffled by boob could be silenced no longer and Karan bolted upright drawing a gasp of air as milk dripped out of her agape mouth, her hands gripping the soft breast as if to hold her down from floating away. Her eyes glazed over and her fluids ran freely as Claudia happily swallowed Karan's 'milk' leaving not a drop behind. The afterglow of Karan lasted for a few minutes as she was paralyzed with ecstasy, Claudia continuing her previous actions to keep it going. Neither looked they would stop any time soon but the moment was ruined as both quickly came back to reality when Karan unknowingly let rip and farted directly into the nose of the woman eating her out. Karan's face instantly turned red as she covered her mouth and realised what happened, the arms of Claudia who were previously holding Karan's thighs gripped the girls buttocks and throw her forward onto her belly.
Claudia was chocking and coughing as she tried to fill her lungs with fresh air "Sorry babe, you know what orgasms do to me" Karan said sheepishly pushing herself off the stomach and looking back at her girlfriend "Well *cough* at least *cough* my pallet is clear, I think you should return the favour since it's my birthday and all!" Claudia replied with a demanding attitude, making it sound less like a request and more like an order. Karan nodded, looking embarrassed as she climbed over the stomach to reach her girlfriend's nether region. Her hands sunk deep into the tubby soft belly, but she was unnerved by it pushing back against her, she chalked it up to Claudia's stomach just having a very violent digestion process, an image that frightened her as she jokingly thought to herself "Wow, this thing sounds like it could digest a man!". She continued to crawl as she stumbled and fell flat and splayed across the giant belly "HELP ME KARAN! SHE ATE ME" she could hear the stomach cry as it kicked against her "Claudia! You're tummy is talking!" Karan yelled in fright.
"Oh don't worry about that, it's just the cake being fussy loser, it will soon quiet down" Claudia said with a big smile on her face as she propped herself up and looked towards Karan "You ate Dale!" Karan yelled back in shock trying to get off of Claudia, but soon found her legs gripped by the ankles by the woman she trusted "This doesn't have to be a big deal, we can forget this ever happened, I just want to dominate someone so completely, just once" Claudia said with the most innocent of faces "NO! You're a monster, let me go! I'm leaving!" Karan screamed back as she tried to fight back "Well I won't be able to live with the idea of anyone else having you Karan; we're meant to be together forever!" Claudia's reply just terrified Karan further as she tried to pull herself away with her arms, her legs completely disabled. "I think I'll eat your pussy again Karan, just a different way this time" Claudia said as she licked her lips and pulled the feet up towards her mouth, dragging Karan across the stomach she would soon reside in and between the boobs she had received her last meal from.
The poor girl instantly broke into hysterics as her feet were placed in the maw of Claudia, she didn't know what to think as the tongue that had previously brought her so much pleasure now teasingly tasted her feet, bringing them closer to the point of no return as it lubricated and tickled them. Karan was both laughing and crying struggling to come to terms with what was happening as she felt the first gulp lay claim to her feet, she was lost to Claudia now, the glutton who was greedily treating her girlfriend like a piece of meat, literally.
"Claudia I'm sorry I called you a monster, let me go! I won't tell anyone!" Karan pleased as she felt her thighs sliding between the cow girls lips grasping at the love handles of her fat lover "You can have Dale! He's just a piece of shit guy any way, and when you're done with him, he really is going to be a piece of shit! HA, HA HA!" the laughter was being forced now as Karan was scaring herself more than Claudia who now had her hands on Karan's hips. "Please, let me go Claudia! I'm not food! I love y-AHH!" she was cut off as her vagina was once again invaded by Claudia's tongue, she had brought the whole of Karan's hips into her mouth and was eating her out all over again, but this time it was much more unpleasant, not only was her front bottom being penetrated, but her actual bottom too. Claudia couldn't have been enjoying the taste and was just trying to subdue Karan as she snacked on her.
Karan was just crying now after her surprise rim job, completely going limp as her body was pulled further in, the hips being swallowed leaving much less of a lump on Claudia's neck than Dale did. Soon the rest of Karan vanished into Claudia, the tongue getting one last taste of the girl's breasts, salivating all over the face. Karan barely had time to cry out one last sentence before her head disappeared into Claudia's "I loved you, you dumb fat cow, please let me go, I want to go back to how we were!" she cried, but it fell on deaf ears, even if Claudia did care enough to let Karan out, the oesophagus had laid claim to her and the only place she was being let out into was the same living vault as Dale.
Claudia slurped down Karan's arms with comedic effect as if they were spaghetti and swallowed them with a fat happy smile, her now ex-girlfriend went down much easier than Dale did and while she didn't eat either of them for the taste she noted to herself Karan was the much better tasting meal.
Karan now found herself in the sloshy cake filled gut of Claudia, sitting atop Dale, who was fighting to get back to the surface, in the most uncomfortable of positions. She found herself in terror as she sank into the sludge as Dale resurfaced face to face with her, he had no idea what she was screaming while she was being eaten and simply locked arms around her, "I'm so sorry Dale" Karan bawled. Dale didn't know what to say, simply hugging Karan; the whole situation had given him such an awkward erection and he took his chance with the last girl he was going to see, he pulled himself up into Karan and she in turn buried her face in his cake covered chest and received her final fuck. Claudia certainly wasn't giving her any more.
Claudia was much happier now; her birthday couldn't have gone any better she though before reaching back down under to finish pleasuring herself "I'm so fat and full now! This truly was the best birthday present ever!" she said aloud as she patter her stomach "And so squirmy! It makes me feel so horny!" Claudia said as she fingered herself deeply, constantly rubbing and pushing into her stomach to feel the two hard bodies within her. The feeling of a hand outside once gave Dale hope, but now filled him with dread as he came into Karan and was pushed with her beneath the cake gloop with her. "Yawn, seems a nice meal cleared me of my hiccups! But I'm tired, a nice sleep will help me with my digestion" Claudia yawned, pulling the sheets over now bored with her clit. She farted before dozing off a loud one "Oh! Such a big meal gives me the bottom burps, an omen to come for you both I'm afraid" She smiled as she closed her eyes "I guess my next number two will be your funeral hey guys? Ha ha ha! Oh what am I saying? You're just food, food isn't given funera-URRRRRRP!" she burped, depriving her former friends of air, she must have done it unknowingly since she covered her mouth with shock "Oh well, guess that was long overdue" she patted her belly "Have a good night girl! Make mommy some milk!" Claudia seemingly addressed her belly as if it was more of a person than the two creature feast she had.
With a final smile she fell asleep as the room was silent for all but her breath and the groans and burbles of her digestion, the cries of Dale and Karan nowhere to be heard, as if they never existed.
The morning was like any other for Claudia; she woke up, pulled the sheets from her body, walked to the mirror and gripped her flabby belly admiring the extra chub she put on. Her whole body had gained nearly a hundred extra pounds leaving her the most obese of states. She smiled and left for the bath room, her breasts ached and she knew she had to milk them, but first thing was first, the rest of her guests had to have gone somewhere and Claudia knew their fate. She sat on the privy, put on a big happy grin, and effortlessly passed the massive cowpat as she bit her lower lip. This wasn't the best part for her, but she enjoyed it all the same. Breathing a heavy sigh, knowing she weighed a lot less now she flushed the toilet, relaxed and said "Much too big a meal for even greedy me!" punctuated by a fart and laughter as her belly chimed in with a hungry growl.
The End.
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I am so bad posting stories I wrote ages ago! I have no idea if this is any good, but it's an old story

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Posted by joeburp22181 6 years ago Report

Well written, thank you for sharing :)


Posted by hamletvalley 6 years ago Report

Thank you for saying so :3


Posted by straightup2006 5 years ago Report

Man, I do still love the hell out of this one. Plump cowgirls and gluttony are a match for each other.


Posted by hamletvalley 5 years ago Report

Thank you! I would agree with you, they do make quite the match! What did you like most about her gluttony?