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Posting non-vore stories Posted 5 months ago
I'll be posting some more of my NSFW transformation stories on this page soon. DeviantArt understandably takes issue with some of them, so for the time being they'll be finding a home here in my gallery. Continued vore stories will not be affected.
Another TTOT update Posted 9 months ago
Should be done very, very soon. There's a reason it's taking so long.
*NEW VOTE* TTOT Final Round Posted 10 months ago
Interest in the poll has been dying as the week goes on. It's to be expected, which makes this stand out all the more. Both options have been neck and neck, even up to last night. Suddenly 100 votes come out of nowhere, putting one team far in the lead. Favorites/views on both the story and the blog with the poll link have not risen to the same degree, meaning someone is trying to manipulate the results (despite the IP duplication prevention).

Understand that this series takes quite a lot of my time, thanks in no small part to the existence of the polls. Having to cater to a choice outside of my control is a challenge, which makes it frustrating when the poll is so obviously abused. This happened last time to a preventable level, but with this interference I can no longer...
[ Continued ... ]
TTOT - Final Round Voting Posted 10 months ago
Poll closes this weekend

Round 6 is out Posted 10 months ago
Round 6 of The Tournament of Turds is finished, and with it the reveal of who will survive to the finals.

I'll be using RTF to format my uploads now, so they should be far more readable on the site. I've gone back an re-uploaded most of my other stories to match, making a few small additions to round 1 & 2 of TTOT. It's lazy, but I sneaked in plot details retroactively that I needed. TTOT isn't a story-heavy series, so if you're just into girls becoming turds then you don't need to worry about it.
TTOT - Round 6 voting UPDATE Posted 1 year ago
The poll for round 6 closed this morning and the winner has been decided. I mention this here because there have been 14 additional votes since I deleted the links; changing the result. Fortunately, I recorded the genuine outcome at the time of closure, but that means the screenshot I usually include with the next part will now be inaccurate. You'll just have to trust me.

This was a very close contest (2 votes between the two of them), but I ask that, however eager you may be, that you do not try to cheat the vote. I will do my best to make sure that everyone is satisfied, but for there to be a winner, there must also be a loser.
Update Posted 1 year ago
The next round of TTOT is almost finished. I scrapped what I had more than once, but the final product should prove interesting. In the meantime, I've been wanting to gather some opinions. What do you think I should do post-TTOT? Please vote in the poll below.

Turd poll Posted 1 year ago
I'm still working on the next round of TTOT, but I've missed the excitement of the polls I had posted. The Ariana Grande story seems to have well received, so I probably will make a celebrity TTOT at some point. In that spirit, I would like to include one (maybe two) internet celebrities on the roster. This poll isn't to choose who fills the ranks, but it'll give me an idea of what you all like. Feel free to comment if there's someone not on the poll that you feel strongly about.

Tournament of Turds and other stuff Posted 1 year ago
Work has only just started on the next round of TTOT, so it'll be a little while yet. This was a contest between two top-tier waifus, so I hope you'll be satisfied with which one of them is shit into a toilet.

I'll probably have something unrelated to TTOT uploaded next. Something to test the waters for the future.

Also, is there anyone that would be interested in making me a new avatar? My current one was thrown together in 2 seconds. I can't offer anything other than thanks, unfortunately. I don't believe it would be anything too complicated - just a drawing of me as a cloud of green gas, maybe coming from a girl's butt? Please PM me if you are interested.
Introducing myself Posted 1 year ago
So, I'm relatively new to posting on Eka, though I've been lurking in some form or another for years. I've been writing fetish content for just as long, but even then I kind of kept my distance from vore. Now I've just decided to embrace it, and I'll be writing stories that largely focus on soft and anal vore, with sentient fat, gas and scat.

For the moment I'm working on The Tournament of Turds, and I must admit that the level of engagement has surprised me. I love hearing about who you want to win, or you you'd like to lose and become a turd. It's that level of interaction that I'd like to encourage. So please, feel free to ask me anything you like or just message me about this sort of content. Hearing from you really fuels my work.

- GaseousEntity