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So firstly, I've got about 6500 words of "No Guts, No Glory" part 8 done, and it's probably sitting somewhere between half and two-thirds finished.

What I'm a even more excited to announce is that I've basically finished the "No Guts, No Glory" which is sitting at about 18,000 words if you combine both parts.

That's a lot of Gabrielle on the horizon!

I started NGNG in May 2015, (Holy shit!) and I've had a pretty firm idea in my head of how it was going to end for years, so that's why the final chapter was finished before the penultimate one.
Given the story's been sitting around unfinished for so long, there's parts of it that aren't quite up to my current writing standards (I like to think I've improved somewhat over the...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by daeway 4 months ago Report

I saw you had a part 2 to Theo's story over on deviantart. Is there a reason why you didn't upload it here? I'm just curious....


Posted by Alexios 7 months ago Report

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I'm sure you have it well in hand but I appreciate that! I'm surprised AI was involved in that story, even if it sounds like it was heavily corralled. Very well written!


Posted by Draegonx 7 months ago Report

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No prob, always a fan of the demon princess mischief XP


Posted by Alexios 7 months ago Report

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I'm a real fan of your work just in general! I'm not exactly the best at giving a well thought out review, but I still have to say that AGGE really holds up! I'm going to be readin NGNG next. Hope you're having a good one!


Posted by RoyalRoseBeam 9 months ago Report

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Looking forward to it!


Posted by RoyalRoseBeam 9 months ago Report

Hi! I finally made an account on here, mainly because I felt bad about not being able to comment my thoughts on your stories... They're far and away my favourites on this site!
I love how human your preds are (funny wording as Ana's probably my fav), the scenes of more traditional femdom (surprisingly little pegging content on this site), and the occasional world-building really makes these stories a cut above the rest.
If I had one thing I'd like to see more of, it's prey POV (Like in Digestion 201), though I can't wait to see what you've got coming up next next regardless!

Thanks a bunch for the stories!


Posted by Potatomaximus 9 months ago Report

hey man, you dropped by my profile a while ago and asked me what I thought about your work. I thought about it for a while, trying to think of something useful to say. But honestly, I'm not too useful on the literary criticism thing, so I'll just leave you with the ramblings of a horny guy. Your stories scratch a very specific itch for me. That itch being BBW pred, minigiantess domination. Your sequences are some of the best I've read. In terms of writing in the preds perspective, you're top notch. You really make me buy into the whole thing. But I'm a simple guy, and everything outside of oral vore and smothering isn't really my cup of tea.

The scenario of '13 feet tall fat girl straight up eats a dude' is rarely found in your works nowadays. Between every sequence I like, there's pages of lore breakdown, pegging, transformation into smaller girl, transformation into smaller girl with a dick, multidimensional stomachs, magic systems, and so on. I'm normally into building up scenarios via world building, but sometimes it's a build up to a scenario that I'm not into, or the whole chapter is the world building. I appreciate the ambition to flesh things out as much as possible, though the sad thing is I'm just not into it. Call me boring, but at the end of the day I want to read how big lady ate small guy, and I only see it in seldom.

I know this is more of a porn take than a literary one, but it's what's most relevant to me. That being said, just write what you want. Whatever you find fun is what people want to see. Even if I'm not among them.


Posted by Draegonx 1 year ago Report

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No problem XP, just dropped a comment on your latest story


Posted by bigboy1992 1 year ago Report

Nice ending to the no guts story. Any ideas for you next series?


Posted by Scrumptious 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To glargicus

Yes, I just got done reading Part 7. That was pretty amazing. I'm looking forward to Part 8, especially to find out Jeremy's fate (or, at least, to have my suspicions confirmed). I'm also curious to see how you've developed as a writer in the years since you began that story.

When I've got a moment, I'll also check out your other stories.


Posted by mrbubbles 2 years ago Report

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i love you're stuff. always excited when you come out with something new. though i always hope it's Anthropology and Anthropophagy. i think you nail the minigiantess archetype better than anyone!


Posted by D3adZ3d 2 years ago Report

<< Reply To glargicus

I favorited it and skimmed it but have not yet gotten a chance to take time to read it at a proper pace. Glad to see more content from you!

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