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The Director sat pitched forward on his worn-leather office chair, elbows on his knees. Unconsciously he tugged at his beard with the pad of his thumb and the edge of his finger; it wasn’t long enough to really pull or stroke. His leg jiggled beneath him. When his glasses slid past the bridge of his nose, his finger poked up to prop them back in place again.

Someone had seen to installing a second computer at his desk, de

The Director’s phone flashes on his desk

; it’s the main line


He keeps the

ringer permanently off, so

all he has to do is look to the windows or step away from his desk to keep it from distracting him.

In this case, though, if he doesn’t answer it, it will keep flashing

“You made it!”

He was still a bit further off than seemed comfortable to respond without shouting, so he pulled his hands from his pockets and cut across the grass to join her before saying, “It was a peculiar address, but very precise. No trouble at all, really. Even if it’s not what I expected when you said a cafe.”


Cons smelled like home.


what it was. The hot glue, the greasy nachos, the smell of unkempt costume-wearers - they were all just ingredients in the recipe. Like baking soda outside of cookies, none of them were really that easy to appreciate outside of the context. But the context was the one place where Claire could immerse herself in her element, could be su


The old apartment was a shell. Walls marked by almost a decade of occupation were now bare, except for furniture scuffs and nail holes. Big rectangles in the carpet were cleaner, less worn down than the rest. Accidents that posters had hidden were revealed again. A vacuum cleaner and a bucket with cleaning supplies waited in the living room with a few of the boxes that Claire had set aside as ready to move. The lights were all out, so onl


A fog clung between the patches of trees, oddly thick for this time of year, for this time of night. It wasn’t even eight yet, but night had already settled in. The big tripod lights scattered here and there around the set cut through the mist with hard edged beams. Claire didn’t have a lot of experience with movie sets, but this one was smaller than she’d imagined. Maybe a dozen big white pavilion tents made up the bulk

“Wait-- You actually cursed out Aunt Angie?”

Adam had called her almost every day, and texted if he couldn’t call. Sometimes he texted her anyway - pictures from the set that were cleared by the director, or selfies from in his ‘trailer’ (which was about the size of a fridge on its side and could be carried by a couple of grips), or at the beach, or wherever he ended up when he was out in the evening - often

Collecting money was easily the worst part of taking commissions. Most of Claire’s clients were great: prompt, thankful. When she lived in California, Alison had helped her figure out payment plans so she could be strict without being strict: thirty percent up front, thirty percent after pattern and cut, and the remainder on shipment. Since moving out to


, she’d been

more l

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4ofSwords' Blog - Adam is Smashed! Posted 1 year ago

If you happened to be in the market for a vore-themed erotic romance novel (with zero dollars in your pocket and more free time than cents), AND you only like reading finished works, Adam Smasher is now complete in my gallery.

Now I have to figure out what do with all my free time.

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Posted by Spider8Fiend 1 year ago Report

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Haha, don't I know it? Who doesn't want a smug alien waifu in their life?

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Posted by Spider8Fiend 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the favorite! I'm glad you enjoyed my character so much~

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Posted by XDDX 1 year ago Report

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Is this how this works? I type something here and it arrives with you?


Posted by XDDX 1 year ago Report



Posted by TinyHero 3 years ago Report

Planning an RP with someone, and was wondering if we can use your OCs for it? Mainly student, teacher, or even principles as well?


Posted by ChaseTheHyena 4 years ago Report

Heya! Just wanted to state how much i love your art and i hope one day you draw more at somepoint


Posted by knifesmile 6 years ago Report

Love your hard vore. :)

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Posted by ilbv 7 years ago Report

You are also really talanted


Posted by Cryptrat 7 years ago Report

Why was I not watching you? What is the matter with ME? Also: *flips wires, eats components, and inverts color selections, before making a rat nest out of nearly finished artwork* Perfect!


Posted by delet98342h 7 years ago Report

Thank you for the faves! :)


Posted by Chowdown 8 years ago Report

Do you have a profile on dA?

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