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could eat you if it’s that important to you.”

He snorted, spared her a quick glance out of the corner of his eyes while wrinkling his nose at the effort of pulling off the perfect combo to trigger her charged move. He played most of the time while biting his lower lip, fingers white on the controller, while she always looked like she was about to fall asleep: tired eyes, calm, slumped like that would


In the back seat of the car, I couldn’t see out over the edge of the windows. Even if Maria still had that old, banged up baby seat in the back seat, the angle was just enough that I could sometimes see the tops of cars driving by, or if I was lucky and we were beside a big delivery truck, I could see the driver. I’d usually smile up at them on the off chance they’d look down, but that was rare. Anyway, now she had that little harness that I

I like to walk in the middle of the day. Almost everyone else walks in the morning or the evening, so I have the big pathway that loops around the common area in the middle of the neighborhood to myself. The sidewalks around the big grassy area where kids play in the summer are wide, but the trails through the woody part get kind of narrow, and I’m the kind of guy who likes to exercise at my own pace without worrying about slowing down joggers if I don’t hear their, ‘On your le

The video opens by fading in from black, at first disorienting with glossy anti-shadows that turn out to be ambient reflections on a glass pane completely covering the field of view, and an oddly angled surface beyond that is an acoustic ceiling. The shadows of a slowly turning ceiling fan waver in the top corner.

Most importantly, though, off-center and mostly just an out-of-focus silhouette,

Daphne's drop only amounted
to about half an inch, but it was sudden enough and unexpected enough
that her squeal turned to a shriek, anyway. That was followed quickly
by a nervous chuckle as she relaxed the death-grip she had on his
chin and felt through the layers of her skirts to reassure herself
that the satin strap remained twined around the base of his muzzle.
Liza laughed outright.
"Caught you by surprise, did he? You did promise him all you
could eat, don't forget."
The glare t

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I reckon this blog will probably occupy this space for a good while, so it's the right message to leave up.

I've had a few people asking me about using particular pictures or character designs, etc., and here's my answer to that:

"You are free to use any of my art and stories in any way you wish, without compensation or notice to me, provided that it does not impinge on the intellectual property of others."

In other words:

  • If it is a commission or a gift, you need to ask the person/people whose characters are included in the work. You don't need my permission. You DO need theirs.
  • When in doubt, if it's in the 30 Days of Monster-Boys/Girls folders or in the Commissions/Gifts folder it probably includes...

[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by TinyHero 2 years ago Report

Planning an RP with someone, and was wondering if we can use your OCs for it? Mainly student, teacher, or even principles as well?


Posted by ChaseTheHyena 2 years ago Report

Heya! Just wanted to state how much i love your art and i hope one day you draw more at somepoint


Posted by knifesmile 4 years ago Report

Love your hard vore. :)

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Posted by ilbv 5 years ago Report

You are also really talanted


Posted by Cryptrat 5 years ago Report

Why was I not watching you? What is the matter with ME? Also: *flips wires, eats components, and inverts color selections, before making a rat nest out of nearly finished artwork* Perfect!


Posted by delet98342h 5 years ago Report

Thank you for the faves! :)


Posted by Chowdown 6 years ago Report

Do you have a profile on dA?


Posted by CharlieC 6 years ago Report

Thanks for the fave! :D

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Posted by jonthehuman525 6 years ago Report

Ew dude to much hard vore I'm no longer watching u


Posted by Sriseru 6 years ago Report

Thank you so much for the fav! ^.=.^

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