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The room was dark and cold. Nearly a half dozen men sat naked in silence, bound and gagged, trapped in tiny cages barely large enough for them to fit inside while kneeling and prone. Ball-gags muffled them as most struggled with their restraints and desperately tried to call for help.


The rumbling belch echoes off the concrete walls. A shower of saliva and spittle raining down

It was a truly hopeless dismal situation young Terius found himself. He, along with a dozen knights of the Southern Kingdoms had found themselves captured after a long bloody battle, the only survivors. Bound in chains, he and the other men had been marched through the buggy marshes, along the now desolate Glory Road, the busiest trade route prior to the outbreak of war, and finally into the foothills of the Winter’s Teeth Mountains.

Nestled deep betw

Booze Fueled Binge

Oh, God! This can't be happening!

It was all too real. His arms and legs bent in uncomfortable ways with his body folding upon itself. He was trapped, restrained by the warm soft flesh all around him. Desperately, he pushed with what little strength he had. The flesh membrane shifted, stretched ever so slightly, but not enough for him to even move an i

Anybody will tell you that some weird shit happens deep within the swamps and bayous. Not just sightings of massive one ton gators, but weird plant life and other massive animals. Big ass snakes, pigs, and a whole slew of other critters make this inhospitable landscape their home, and the people who find a way to live there, well they are just as strange.

But this isn&rsquo

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So, it was brought to my attention that No More Neighbors part 1 was removed. Not sure why, but its not in my gallery any more. Tried finding it on my system, but couldn't find it anywhere. Not surprised though. I wrote it 3 years ago and had crashed harddrives, got a new laptop, and reformatted my desktop since then. Seems the story may be gone, dissolved in the internet aether somewhere. Not sure if I will just accept the fate of it being gone forever, or I may give a whack at trying to rewrite it whenever I get time. For now though, its gone.

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Posted by BrightSideDown 2 days ago Report

Thanks for the watch!!!! Love your work btw <3


Posted by MoonSZ69Dev 4 months ago Report

Thanks so much for the fav! uwu


Posted by Spider8Fiend 1 year ago Report

Thanks for the favorite! I'm glad you enjoyed the pic~

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Posted by glargicus 2 years ago Report

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No worries man, I know my stuff is pretty long, so all good. :)


Posted by glargicus 2 years ago Report

Also, I just realised that somehow I missed your latest few stories, I'll have to catch up on them asap


Posted by glargicus 2 years ago Report

Hey deadz, glad you liked my latest story! I'd love to hear what you thought of it.


Posted by VoraciousArtistry 3 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch and trade.

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Posted by JackNoName 5 years ago Report

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Story might go in a different direction most will think though :) We'll see.


Posted by JackNoName 5 years ago Report

Heej! Hope you liked the last installment :)


Posted by SuperfluousGreens 5 years ago Report

Thanks for the fave, mate. Much appreciated.


Posted by zoyadazzle 5 years ago Report

Love ya for watching me hon!


Posted by Bludgeon 5 years ago Report

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No probs

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