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I write ludicrous stories about hyper-sized dicks, balls, tits, asses ... all-around hypersexualization! Loads of cum inflation, some breeding, the occasional vore (clearly marked) and many other oddities also feature in my writing. Most of the stories revolve around the sexual misadventures of my absurdly-endowed male leads. I also draw pictures sometimes!

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Hey guys. Been a long time. Some of you may wonder what the hell is going on with me.

First off, I'm safe, no coronavirus. Don't worry about ol' Sark. What should my nickname be? Sark? Koph? Eros? Wait ... would you believe I never realized my name ends in "eros" before?

Anyway. I'm stronger and healthier than ever, and that's a literal statement.

Second, why I haven't been creating. Essentially, I changed careers about a year ago and since then I've been focusing more on that and allocating my time better. Because of that and changing interests, continuing my series (apparently series is the plural of series) sort of fell by the wayside.

I realized also that I'm mostly driven by interest. With some exceptions, it's very hard...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Spytra 1 year ago Report

You should have an RP log to where you post stories you have well played in I would roll play with you but I'm horrible at it

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Posted by TinyHero 3 years ago Report

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Not a prob :)


Posted by MrPandaBear 4 years ago Report

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Posted by GingerSnaps 4 years ago Report

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Ya welcome!

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Posted by Boonythewolf 5 years ago Report

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No prob, loving your cum inflation stories.


Posted by captamis 5 years ago Report

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its cool liek your stuff

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Posted by delete34h86s 5 years ago Report

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Glad to hear it :)


Posted by Soulary 5 years ago Report

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Keep up the hardwork, you're doing great! ^u^


Posted by Vadrigos 5 years ago Report

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No problem! I remember reading some of your stuff a LOOOOOONG time ago. Plus, love Shakti. X3


Posted by coll852 5 years ago Report

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Well thank you for writing those sexy and awesome stories! I've had a blast reading them... literally :P


Posted by MrQuarantine 6 years ago Report

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It's no big deal, you earned it. I think it's neat being able to have in depth conversations about your stories. To be honest i'm not sure exactly how much my comments can really help, but I was glad to do it anyway if you benefited from it even a tiny bit. Regardless, I look forward to your response and next work :)

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