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8 months later...

So, I had planned on drawing more vore stuff to post here, but of course things never work out like that.

The biggest problem was that I started up a MLP ask blog, which killed a LOT of my free drawing time. Luckily, I realized that pretty quickly (finishing posts up the night before they were scheduled to be posted was a big clue) and adjusted my drawing style to something where I could actually finish the week's posts over a weekend.

My plan right now (and, to be honest, since September or so) has been to draw vore/porn stuff on Fridays. The issue is, I want to be able to finish the drawing on that day. So what I want is to develop a style where I can do a quick sketch and have it look not terrible like my actual sketches do. But I've been getting behind on...
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Posted by Scaylid00d 4 months ago

Glad to have you watching me! o3o I've enjoyed your work for a long time, so I hope I continue earning it C:


Posted by AngelicChaos 5 months ago

Some people still hoping for a return, someday. <3


Posted by ChaCheeryMousie 1 year ago

Wow, you got some really stellar stuff here!^^ I hope to see you update more and more!


Posted by lunchymunchies 1 year ago

What do you think of anal vore and merging/absorption?

And are you only into accidental unbirth?


Posted by vanthel 1 year ago

Soo you still planning on drawing anymore vore? Please


Posted by RossTheEmeraldFox 2 years ago

Is anyone there? *Waves hand in front of ur face*


Posted by Shryland 2 years ago

Thanks for the Watch :D


Posted by abzde 2 years ago

No way! I've been a fan of your vore pics for a long time. And I've been a fan of all your mlp pony pics on deviant art for a while now. I had no idea you were the same person! This is so cool!


Posted by SaintxTail 2 years ago

Thanks a bunch for the watch!


Posted by Bright 2 years ago

Are you still around?


Posted by SkittyMint 4 years ago

I just love your stuff! great job!


Posted by voremonster21 5 years ago

i love your unbirth vore stuff

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