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8 months later...

So, I had planned on drawing more vore stuff to post here, but of course things never work out like that.

The biggest problem was that I started up a MLP ask blog, which killed a LOT of my free drawing time. Luckily, I realized that pretty quickly (finishing posts up the night before they were scheduled to be posted was a big clue) and adjusted my drawing style to something where I could actually finish the week's posts over a weekend.

My plan right now (and, to be honest, since September or so) has been to draw vore/porn stuff on Fridays. The issue is, I want to be able to finish the drawing on that day. So what I want is to develop a style where I can do a quick sketch and have it look not terrible like my actual sketches do. But I've been getting behind on...
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Posted by darkfrdragon 8 months ago Report

Hey, is there a place you still post your art? I'd love to see your new stuff


Posted by Slimshod 1 year ago Report

I found your "Room Service" comic a looooong time ago (as well as a lot of your other Lambda work) and loved it. I'm really happy to have finally found the artist behind that work. Thank you so much for making great vore content.


Posted by Scaylid00d 2 years ago Report

Glad to have you watching me! o3o I've enjoyed your work for a long time, so I hope I continue earning it C:


Posted by AngelicChaos 2 years ago Report

Some people still hoping for a return, someday. <3


Posted by ChaCheeryMousie 3 years ago Report

Wow, you got some really stellar stuff here!^^ I hope to see you update more and more!


Posted by lunchymunchies 3 years ago Report

What do you think of anal vore and merging/absorption?

And are you only into accidental unbirth?


Posted by vanthel 3 years ago Report

Soo you still planning on drawing anymore vore? Please


Posted by RossTheEmeraldFox 3 years ago Report

Is anyone there? *Waves hand in front of ur face*


Posted by Shryland 3 years ago Report

Thanks for the Watch :D


Posted by abzde 4 years ago Report

No way! I've been a fan of your vore pics for a long time. And I've been a fan of all your mlp pony pics on deviant art for a while now. I had no idea you were the same person! This is so cool!


Posted by SaintxTail 4 years ago Report

Thanks a bunch for the watch!


Posted by Bright 4 years ago Report

Are you still around?

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