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Just a guy with okay-ish stories, even more average images, and general shitposter with awful comedy. One of these three is true atleast,

General interests include anything with latex, bondage, BDSM themes, and female preds (shocking I know). Also a fan of anime and more PC-oriented gaming. Wanna chat or talk about something, feel free to PM me anytime. I like to be social, and I'll try to not delay on responding.

Not much or intentionally anyway.

No requests please, and not open for comms in the foreseeable future. I get enough of my own ideas and faster than I can draw them too. And comms would only ever be for friends/close acquaintances. Drawing is my hobby I do for myself, not a job.

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So, on my profile page I've made it clear I'm not really in market to take commissions. BUT, out of all the people that follow me n' comment, I'm curious as the title implies. If I were to ever open commissions, how many people would be interested? I look at the views to faves ratio on my images, and they seem weirdly disproportionate in a way.

So, like I said, I'm curious. I wanna see if it's because people like my style but NOT the substance/subject of what I draw, or it's just my curiosity getting the best of me.

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Posted by Azuris 1 month ago Report

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Nice to see ya again. Thanks again for the advice. Figured I may as well post what I got here and go from there.


Posted by Renael 5 months ago Report

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I'm just another user haha, thanks though.

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Posted by unknownincognitoguy 9 months ago Report

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Maybe in the future. For now, keep up the good work!

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Posted by unknownincognitoguy 9 months ago Report

I'm also a writer. I'm not good at drawing, so I stick with expressing myself through stories. I'm really good, if I say so myself. I like your stories also.

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Posted by Anonymite 9 months ago Report

I recommend smoother, pregnancy-size bellies for future pics!


Posted by Gribnomi 10 months ago Report

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Well, it depends. From a couple of hours to a whole day. I'm quite slow when it comes to creating any sort of art because I am never fully content with what I draw.
But otherwise - pixel art is hella fun. I believe that the more restrictions you have, the more creative they allow you to be.


Posted by TenaciousTinkerer 10 months ago Report

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It's no trouble! I haven't gone through any stories you've written yet, but the stuff you commissioned/got drawn for ya caught my eye. Sooo, yeah! Interested what pops up in your gallery in the future!


Posted by KinkyHobo 11 months ago Report

The more the merrier, welcome to the crab club mah dood


Posted by JackHereTheRealOne 11 months ago Report

The frick you bozo, where is Hades >:I

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Posted by astrikur 1 year ago Report

I read every comment you make in Hades’s voice due to your profile picture, I like it.

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Posted by Buttplug7789 1 year ago Report

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Posted by JackHereTheRealOne 1 year ago Report

If you see this, you've got the big gay

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