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Mom: "Hey kids. The local butcher is low on meat. Can some of you go to help him out"
You and some of your sibs immediately agree and go to him.
You don't know exactly, how you can help, but it's probably not that difficult.
When you arrive, he tells you all to come with him into his slaugher room.
Since there is no meat at all and also no kid, ready to be slaughtered, you already get an idea, how to help.
He takes one of your sibs, lies nem on the table and touches nem at the whole bo

Tyon is ready for the current food festival.
Ne trained a lot, but doubts, it was enough.
Ne really wants to win. Only the winner will be selected to be at the dinner with a very special person.
Ne is very excited, when ne waits for the event to start.
Soon the special person arrives and greets the people.
Tyon is happy to see nem for the first time. Almost noone did see nem yet, because ne almost never comes here.
The special person, also known to be one of the creators, talks a bit about nemse

You are hungry. You ask mom where to find some food.
Mom: "Didn't you go to bring some food?"
"If you are that hungry, go out now and search for some"
"I don't want to. Isn't there another way?"
"You could ask your sib"
"Thanks, mom. They'll do it for now"
You go to your sib, who currently masturbates in nir bed.
"I'm hungry, can you help me?"
"No, I don't want to go out, either"
"No, that's not what I mean

Kat ist zu Besuch bei den zwei älteren Jungs Tim und Leo.
Die Jungs kennen sich schon seit ihrer Kindheit und haben beide noch keine Beziehung.
Meistens spielen sie zusammen Videospiele oder wichsen zusammen.
Kat kennen sie auch schon länger. Mit ihr spielen sie auch oft Videospiele. Mittlereweile ist sie schon ein bisschen besser als die Jungs.
Wenn Kat mal wieder besonders gut ist, lassen sie sie alleine spielen und wichsen zusammen.
Kat ist nicht besonders interessiert, was die Jungs machen

Currently you live in a small house with your friends, some other kids.
You also have another good friend, but you didn't see him for a long time. He just wrote to you, he wants to see you again.
The last times you met, he already had a sex and was a boy.
Until now you thought, he doesn't exist anymore. Becoming a boy is only possible when being a friend of an adult. And spending much time with an adult can lead to a quick end.
You are already looking forward to seeing hin again and wonder, what

You got an adult friend for some time. You really like each other. He is a man, but he even managed to make you a boy, so you could become like him some time.
One day he tells you, he wants to make a journey. He recently bought some wooden ship and wants to explore the ocean.
But he doesn't want to travel alone and also needs some supplies. He has enough food for himself in the ship, but it may not be enough, when more people accompany him, and none of it is meat.
He just cannot afford more, aft

You just left the school. You like it, because you learn some interesting things there, but you don't think, you'll ever need most of it. Some of your friends are already dead, so they also couldn't use their knowledge.
At least you can use the fighting techniques, you learned there. You often like to fight with your friends. Sometimes your parents even take you to fight other kids and you always win.
But since you normally fight for your lifes. If you had lost, you also couldn't use your knowle

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