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Currently you live in a small house with your friends, some other kids.
You also have another good friend, but you didn't see him for a long time. He just wrote to you, he wants to see you again.
The last times you met, he already had a sex and was a boy.
Until now you thought, he doesn't exist anymore. Becoming a boy is only possible when being a friend of an adult. And spending much time with an adult can lead to a quick end.
You are already looking forward to seeing hin again and wonder, what

You got an adult friend for some time. You really like each other. He is a man, but he even managed to make you a boy, so you could become like him some time.
One day he tells you, he wants to make a journey. He recently bought some wooden ship and wants to explore the ocean.
But he doesn't want to travel alone and also needs some supplies. He has enough food for himself in the ship, but it may not be enough, when more people accompany him, and none of it is meat.
He just cannot afford more, aft

You just left the school. You like it, because you learn some interesting things there, but you don't think, you'll ever need most of it. Some of your friends are already dead, so they also couldn't use their knowledge.
At least you can use the fighting techniques, you learned there. You often like to fight with your friends. Sometimes your parents even take you to fight other kids and you always win.
But since you normally fight for your lifes. If you had lost, you also couldn't use your knowle

 The planet was a pretty empty planet some time ago. There existed live, but no intelligent life.
Most creatures couldn't move and the moving ones were very small.
 Then some very good magicans discovered the planet. They were able to travel at almost speed of light.
 A few magicans really started to colonize the planet with new life.
They decided to use some humanoid species for multiple reasons.
Some of the humanoids knew the magicans, but soon they became legend

You live in a small house with other kids.
Some friends comes to visit you. He already has a sex, but is still a kid himself.
He is a pretty cute boy. You didn't see him naked yet, but he already looks like a boy, so you believe him.
Some time ago he told you about some adult friend, who protects him.
They are good friends now. They often fap together and watch pictures of naked females together.
But none of them had a real girlfriend before.
Since his friend is an adult man, he could help you b

You sit at the ground.
You are naked.
A chain is attached to your right leg.
The ground is only sandy soil.
There is not much you can do now.
The chain is even too short to walk around.
You look at your penis. It's pretty big, but still have the body of a child.
That's nothing special. Even older people of your race don't look much older.
Instead of growing in size, you just became a little chubby.
Maybe your friend will come back soon. He chained you here.
He didn't visit you for several days.

You have a nice life with your parents. You are the only child they have and they really like to be with you. You are the most important person in their lifes.
Mom comes in: "Hey, darling. Do you know, what we'll do today?"
"No, will we take a trip?"
"Not really"
"Too bad. I really would like to go to the mountains"
"We'll do that soon enough. I'm also looking forward to it"
"So what will we do today?"
"Some friends will have a par

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