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CHAPTER 4: The Cry That Echoes


the Past (Deadly Life)

It.... it was not possible. There was no way this could be the case. 

But there she was.... Manuko. Hanging from the rafters. Everyone had gathered to see, seeing feathers like angel wings everywhere, light on her form. It was macabre and sadistic in view of it, making her look like a fallen

What is it that they say is the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. Well, perhaps Teddy was insane now for believing, that after 3 separate instances of someone starting the killing game anew, this would be the day where no one would resort to murderous intent anymore.

They had already lost 6 of their friends (ok, to be accurate it was more like 4 friends and 2 acquittances) to the killing game, and they were aware



Splash Die (Deadly Life)

The scream caused everyone to gather by the pool where Marley’s body stopped at. Teddy, Mason, Bruce, Carmen, Shahrukh, Sally, Raphael, Nick, Belladonna, Manuko, and Ayla all stepped into the pool around the body.

“This is awful,” Sally sighed, looking sadly down at the pyro girl who no longer had any l

Teddy found it hard to go to sleep that night. The realization that Mason was not as innocent as believed hit him like a brick. Belladonna was right... he was no...


He was different. Mason might like something weird BUT he was still kind and gentle and still just a damn kid. Fetish or no that did not change.

CHAPTER 2: A Stage of Virtual Despair (Deadly Life)

“Nick………get over here……” Teddy called, his voice shaking. He had already witnessed the horror once before, but even having experience could not take away the shock when it happened again. There, before him, was Lane’s lifeless body.

A metal bat with blood on the end lied on the ground next to him. Nick came rushing over with C

There could not have been a bigger contrast in tone between what the surviving captives had just seen and Monokuma’s demeanor afterwards. They had just witnessed Josephine be whipped to death, and somehow…..it seemed like she enjoyed the whole punishment? They had been dismissed back to their rooms, and at first all remained silent. No one wanted to be the first to acknowledge the elephant in the room. But eventually someone had to be the one.

Have you ever felt that despite all evidence to the contrary, that what you experiencing just couldn’t be real? That’s what was going through Teddy’s mind as he and the other 15 captives were told that they were stuck in this mansion possibly forever because of a crazed bear, and the only way they’d be able to escape was through a killing game. The situation seemed so bizarre that everyone was waiting for someone to reveal that this was an over the top practical joke, but

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With what I saw on E3 I am super excited as a switch owner. Astral Chain! Dragon Quest! Children of Mana (which has me excited as a voraphile because you KNOW the pakkuns will be in this remaster!!!)

........ then I checked my wallet.

Ummmmmmmmm.... ok, comissions reopening!

As a refresher I charge $15 per story. I will not do scat, watersports, underage abuse or underage rape, or breast vore.

I love doing cooking and prep, soft vore and endosama (is that spelled right?), underage silliness, plushies, cuddles, pred and prey relations, mlp, and I want to try writing slushy style anal.

(Check his folder to see what I mean. The anal is actually really cute!!! And he has more on furaffinity!)

I admit my goal is to raise enough money to buy a few of the games coming out, a new micro sd,...
[ Continued ... ]

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