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The Health Inspector
Marionette relaxed in the workshop, having just stitched up Bonnie and Plushtrap following some rather rough play during the day. He relaxed there, enjoying the day when the pizzaria was closed, when The Front Guy called down the announcement he had been dreading for some time.
"Health Inspector!"
Oh fuck.
Tommy stood at the front door, volunteering to work with The Front Guy this morning to help smooth

The Job
The door flung open as William Afton looked at his half brother. It had been storming outside, and the man's clothes were soaked to the bone. Henry was bulkier than Wiliam, one might even have called him chubby, but he had muscle in that pudge, and he made no bones about showing that. But at the moment, WIlliam cared little for that fact.
"Alright Henry, where is it?" William asked, looking about. "I know you took it,

The Accident
By Misterebony
Elisa was fast asleep when she got home late that night, stuffed full of pizza and cake, smiling in her happy food coma. Spring Bonnie smiled as she carried the girl and tucked her into bed. Being a plushamatronic now was certainly a lot like a new life for him, but he had to get used to all the new feelings he had now. It did not help that his foot paws were somewhat dirty. He was glad they would be easy top clean, another of his s...er.... Marionettes trick

The Golden Bunny
By Misterebony
"Ok Springtrap... it's ready."
Springtrap stared at the plush on the table. "So.... this is mine then."
"Yes... but like I said, when we are done you will have to tell me about Baby. You know something, don't you?"
Springtrap sighed. "I do... but I cannot tell you yet... and truth be told I rather leave that... .thing... dead."
Marionette blinked. "What thing?"

The Golden Bear
 “Detachable parts?” Corey said to a giant plush Freddy Fazbear who was gold in color unlike the usual brown Freddy was known to be. “But you are a plush, not an action figure.”The Golden Freddy plushanimatronic looked down at the little boy with a gentle smile. “It’s a special ability I have,” he informed, as suddenly his head floated off from the rest of his body, and like magic the two parts were now alive independently. 
“Wow….” Corey awed at the sig

The Toys
By Misterebony
"Thank you for coming!" BB said, waving at the customers, who took the ballons he handed out happily. Nearby, Toy Chica, aka Cheeks, was serving another couple their pizza. Over at the arcade, Toy Bonnie, TB Gamer as he was called now for clarification, was playing Guitar Hero with some kids. And over in the new movie room, Toy Freddy was handing out tickets for hwe movie inside. Since being rebuilt by Marionette, the Toy Animatronics were the only ones

Marionette stood with Spring Trap looking over the newest addition to the toy line. Both looked.... concerned.
"This is unexpected." Spring finally said. "Marionette.... are you sure this was the correct schematics?"
Marionette nodded. "I never saw a toy so advanced in my life. Her animatronic seemed designed to catch kids and yet wasn't designed for that at the same time. The toy is the same."
On the table, the new plushie opened her eyes, a

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This month I have a challenge. What vorish ways sre there to show love? What cartoont vore or other ways can our avvys aor ocs or other chars do to show the ones they care about how much they mean?

My favorite example is with Spike and Rarity. Imagine spike coming in to her boutique and seeing her waiting flavored with gems and chocolate. And a ring, asking for his love.

Another? The bunny boy from Robin Hood helping the hero and Maid Marion have a romantic bunny supper.

Remember. When you give yourself to another, there is no greater gift.

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Thanks! Feel free to drop a suggestion into the spring break post on my blog!


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I just googled my username and fall in this https://aryion.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=31025&p=2521003 and I never heard of this website before, so I joined you ^^


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Thank you very much !! ;)


Posted by JamesBoyfriendPrey 1 year ago

any one want to role play. i am prey i do rwby naruto ben 10 .WI.T.C.H.

my fav preds are snakes frogs and loils and shotas.

i love pleasure digestion. seduction into being my preds food. cock vore.soft oral vore. being boil alive into a stew.

i can be found on face book my fb name is james thead i do must of my role playing on face book. its easyer there

i am able to play alot of roles both male and female


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