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The Health Inspector
Marionette relaxed in the workshop, having just stitched up Bonnie and Plushtrap following some rather rough play during the day. He relaxed there, enjoying the day when the pizzaria was closed, when The Front Guy called down the announcement he had been dreading for some time.
"Health Inspector!"
Oh fuck.
Tommy stood at the front door, volunteering to work with The Front Guy this morning to help smooth

The Job
The door flung open as William Afton looked at his half brother. It had been storming outside, and the man's clothes were soaked to the bone. Henry was bulkier than Wiliam, one might even have called him chubby, but he had muscle in that pudge, and he made no bones about showing that. But at the moment, WIlliam cared little for that fact.
"Alright Henry, where is it?" William asked, looking about. "I know you took it,

The Toys
By Misterebony
"Thank you for coming!" BB said, waving at the customers, who took the ballons he handed out happily. Nearby, Toy Chica, aka Cheeks, was serving another couple their pizza. Over at the arcade, Toy Bonnie, TB Gamer as he was called now for clarification, was playing Guitar Hero with some kids. And over in the new movie room, Toy Freddy was handing out tickets for hwe movie inside. Since being rebuilt by Marionette, the Toy Animatronics were the only ones

The Rabbit
By Misterebony
Cassie smiled as she poured Bonnie another cup of tea, the plush bunny sighing as he took the tea and sipped it. He did not mind it as it added a little to his plush insides, but being dressed up like Grandma Rosepetal Boringblah was a little bit much.
"One lump or two Mrs. Foofoo?" The little nine year old girl said as she picked up two sugar cubes. Bonnie sighed. He had revealed he was really THE Bonnie from Freddie Fazbear, which was

Samurai Jack: XL
by Misterebony
Aku's face. The being lives again. Demongo's fire returns, and he stares at his master.
"So, the weakling stirs. At last you return at my call."
Demongo bowed low. "I live only to serve you my lord, and no other, You know that!"
"So you made clear." Aku said with a narrow stare, making Demongo cringe. "But I have a t

Misterebony Reviews!
Review of: Persona Q
Having had a hard day of traveling the dimensions, Ebony was ready to just relax in the holoroom, maybe in a gentle glenn or perhaps a nice cafe.
Ebony walked into the holoroom, but was suprised at its current appearence. The room looked like the inside of a rather weird school, decorated fopr what seemed like a culture festival. He blinked as he saw several Japanese kids in school uniforms, as well as a little wolf like dog with red eye

By Misterebony
"Order Up!" Pinkie Pie called cheerfully, sending a big cake that looked for all the world like a flower pot into the air and right onto the plate of a light green pony named Lyra Heartstrings. For the pink element of happiness, baking was the best way to spend the day, and these days it was wonderful.
For the flower in the "pot", it was HELL.
"Ooo! He looks delicious!" Flowey said to said flower, licking her lips at the

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Thanks to what comissions I have gotten so far I was able to get the kids in my club several new games. You guys are the best and if I could I'd give you all big fuzzy hugs.

Comissions will be on hiatus for awhile though. I won't say much but I am working on a collab project for awhile. My partner in it has asked to remain anonymous, but expect it to upload here and on furaffinity.

Again thank you all, I am so happy.

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I just wanted to read one of my favorite stories, but it's missing. I think, you wrote it. It's a pretty short one. It's about a bear eating some willing children, a boy and his sister.


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