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EPILOGUE: One Year Later.

Shahrukh was awoken one morning by the smell of delicious pancakes. He waited in bed for some of his wives to deliver his pancakes. He had gone above and beyond what Monokuma said when he introduced him back in the mansion, he had managed to have 55 wives now.

“Is master ready for his breakfast in bed?” Sally smiled, walking into the bedroom, followed by Marley, Kate, and a few of the other w


6 Judgement: Goodbye, Mansion of Mystery

The boy turned to face them. Gone was the bearsuit. The plush form. Gone was Teddy.

Here before them all now stood Michael Devries, the mastermind, in his lab coat and thick glasses. He straightened them as he stepped out of his bear suit and carried a cute teddy bear up to the seat on

It was the end of the road. Teddy, Ayla, Belladonna, Bruce, Shahrukh, and Sally had all decided the killing game would not continue any further. They had seen 10 of their fellow captives die. Together, they and Monokuma were going to find a way out of the mansion. Since the trial for Mason’s death and Nick’s execution concluded in the early evening, the survivors decided to have one last big dinner before they began their final clue hunt the next day.


CHAPTER 5: Vantage Point at the Heights of Virtue and Vice (Deadly Life)

"No!" A voice broke the silence that had come over everyone. They stood there in the penthouse, looking at the body of the youngest among them. Blood was dried on his forehead where a huge gash was. His eyes still and cold. And yet.... he was smiling. He had been murdered but was smiling. Teddy could not fight it anymore. He let the tears drop as another form pushe

The living conditions inside the mansion made for a perplexing experience. The beds and mattresses were of high quality, some of the coziest in the world, yet Teddy more and more was finding himself unable to fall asleep. Seeing lots of his friends murdered and/or be executed would have that effect on you.

He had just lost Carmen, someone he viewed as one of his closest friends and allies inside this godforsaken place. Tragedy was soon followed by befuddlement when he ov

CHAPTER 4: The Cry That Echoes


the Past (Deadly Life)

It.... it was not possible. There was no way this could be the case. 

But there she was.... Manuko. Hanging from the rafters. Everyone had gathered to see, seeing feathers like angel wings everywhere, light on her form. It was macabre and sadistic in view of it, making her look like a fallen

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Sorry... excuse my excitement. But so much is coming for Switch I am unable to hold it in! My only issue is I need as big an sdcard as they got at this point.

So..... uhhhh...... my birthday is coming up..... anyone wanna comission me? Thanks to what I saw in that direct I'm gonna need the cash. Hopefully I can be better time wise about it.

But so many games I want.... tokyo mirage.... trials of mana.... dragon quest.... xenoblade...


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I just wanted to read one of my favorite stories, but it's missing. I think, you wrote it. It's a pretty short one. It's about a bear eating some willing children, a boy and his sister.


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