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Hunger and Jealousy: Part 2
By: Zerky DeVore
Alex awoke to the familiar pressure of several pounds of muscle
weighing atop him. He stirred meekly, trying to nudge the coils away
as the increasing sound of his alarm nagged at him. He somehow
managed to slip out of the dead weight that was his naga lover, still
fast asleep, despite the annoying chiming from the alarm. Alex pulled
himself off the bed, but as he stood he felt his head swirl, as if
all the blood rushed out of it at the same time. He

Hunger and Jealousy: Part 1
By: Zerky DeVore
Blake awoke to the rays of the Saturday morning sun as it flashed
against his sleepy eyes through the thin curtains covering the
window. He shut his eyelids tight, straining every muscle in his face
in a vain attempt to keep the light out. Somehow, despite his
efforts, that thin beam of light managed to meander its way into his
pupils, even past his scaly eyelids. He shook his head in reluctant
concurrence, willing his sleepy eyes open to the unrelent

Dreamy Digital Devouring
By: Zerky DeVore
JV © ViceXXX
The digital world, home to beings known as digimon. It is a world of
data, its inhabitants, its plants, the hills, the skys, the seas, all
of it are made of computer data. Yet this world is very much alive.
Digimon roam the vast realm, living out their lives like any other
creature. They live, they die, and they are reborn, much like the
circle of life in the real world. The digimon are no stranger to
danger, however, and in a world inhabit

A Voracious Venture
By: Zerky DeVore
“I bet I could eat you both of you,” said Zerky suddenly to his
friends, a pink ram named Percy, and a bobcat named Barty.
The two looked at each other with raised brows. “What exactly do
you mean?” inquired Barty, who gave the hyon a skeptical gaze.
Zerky smirked, eyeing the two with hungry eyes. “I mean that I
could you both whole. First Barty, then Percy.”
Percy let out a loud laugh. “You’re kidding right? Little Zerky,
eat both of us?” H

Going Up.
Going Down.
By: Berserker B
Hungry. Hungry.
Hungry. Dev the dragon stared at the elevator door, his patience thin
and his stomach rumbling. He placed a hand over the angry belly,
trying to appease it with some gentle rubbing. He glared at the
elevator door and tried pushing the down button next to it, hoping in
some way that it would make the thing come down faster. His clawed
foot tapped at the floor, making a dull clicking noise each time his
foot came down. He sighed and brushed a

Willing Barbeque
by: BerserkerB
Will had always known he was strange. Strange in many
ways. But tonight, after stepping into a nightclub occupied
predominantly by anthros, the realization of how odd he felt he was
seemed to scream in his face. Most of club's patrons glared at him
oddly the moment he entered. A lion at the bar studied Will with
curious eyes, a black bear sitting at a table to the right snarled at
him, and a gryphon walking past him gave Will what looked like a
smile and a wink.

Wildebeest Brunch
by: BerserkerB
The African Savannah was a
dangerous place. Beautiful to those who lived long enough to enjoy
it, the Savannah was the rural center of life for the African
creature. The lush plains of tall grass swayed in the warm summer
breeze of the early afternoon. There was a dryness about the air,
which made the heat feel hotter than it was. But such things were
common to the people of the Savannah. In times of dry weather, the
local populace would gather around depression

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Hey there Eka's Portal people! After a long, long... long time away, I am happily going to rebuild my gallery!

This, however, comes with a condition. I no longer feel comfortable with underage material, especially if it contains sexual situations with minors. So I have gone through my gallery and deleted anything underage that had survived the purge that I noticed Ekas had to do in my absence. I am sorry if you enjoyed those stories, but I don't want to be associated with them anymore.

Because Furaffinity is my main positing site, any and all material that I produce will have to comply with their standards. I am sorry for those of you who liked my more risque stories, but I will not be producing anything like that anymore.

The transition back to Eka's...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Lukas 4 years ago Report

Thanks for the watch. ^^


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Always liked your work, nice to see your uploadinng some stuff here again. :D


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Well, of course I would, I enjoyed your stories on FA already after all.^^


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Thanks for faving and Watching :3 it is highly appreciated if you liked the First Parts of the Story dont forget to watch the One Who wrote it ! this would be "Learner " he has some good stuff :3


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You're the closest person to me on Eka's, according to the little Google members' map. Well, more or less.


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