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Welcome and thanks for taking a look at my page.

I write the occasional vore stories and do translations for my Japanese friend Garyu, who draws vore manga with mostly male prey.
A fair bit of the former are for my boyfriend and "big bro"  cvbeast, as we try to encourage each other to write more.
All my work is strictly m/m or ?/m. I prefer to write my prey submissive and boyishly cute and my predators big, manly and dominant for the most part; and sex is usually a big part of it, as is lots of sweat and attention to those big, bulging muscles you might develop from a diet high in lean, squirming meat.

Being pretty firmly in the prey category, I am always happy to have a hot predator make a fucktoy and snack out of me. So if you are a male pred who also happens to be a good, literate roleplayer, feel free to make your intentions known, I have a Looking for Roleplay Thread on the boards:

Check here for the meat on display

You can also find me on the sites below:


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prince Hashim, what a pleasure, what a pleasure!” I threw a quick
glance up to my master, seeing the very pleased smile on his face as
he accepted the profuse greetings of the little old man we had been
brought before. Well, a pleased master definitely seemed like a good
thing so far. My ears had been flicking nervously ever since that
other man, the dark one with the golden staff, had welcomed us
earlier, giving my master a strangely amused look, his polite manners
barely conce

"Hmfh, big bro, wai.." my muffled protest was cut short as I was slammed down, my mouth shut with a rather fierce, demanding kiss, still tasting of the dinner I had cooked earlier. I made a whimper of protest but it was cut short as my legs were parted roughly, spread open as I was forced down on the bed. The air smelled of sweat and furry musk, enough to make my ears twitch and my tail shake nervously, the hair bristling slightly as I was gently buried beneath the hunk of my big brothers body.

Careful who You Pick on…
black panther let out a snarl, showing off his white fangs as he
flexed his muscles, feeling them tingling and burning slightly from
his workout. His dark fur was drenched with sweat, clinging to his
muscular form and he felt giddy with the rush of hormones that the
intense workout had set free. He felt good, strong, dominant…He
let his gaze wander across the room, looking with some grudging
admiration at other buff, muscular anthros, many of them fellow big

a Slash
looked up, still startled, my body aching from the sudden impact,
finding myself face to face with a smugly grinning feline, whose
tall, muscular body was now weighing down on me. Black tear marks
trailed their way down his face beneath the dark dread locks of his
headfur, his smile showing off spotless fangs that formed quite the
contrast to his yellowish coat covered all over with spots of black.
met his gaze, letting out a nervous meowing sound, trying to wriggle
out of his gri

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