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Welcome and thanks for taking a look at my page.

I write the occasional vore stories and do translations for my Japanese friend Garyu, who draws vore manga with mostly male prey.
A fair bit of the former are for my boyfriend and "big bro"  cvbeast, as we try to encourage each other to write more.
All my work is strictly m/m or ?/m. I prefer to write my prey submissive and boyishly cute and my predators big, manly and dominant for the most part; and sex is usually a big part of it, as is lots of sweat and attention to those big, bulging muscles you might develop from a diet high in lean, squirming meat.

Being pretty firmly in the prey category, I am always happy to have a hot predator make a fucktoy and snack out of me. So if you are a male pred who also happens to be a good, literate roleplayer, feel free to make your intentions known, I have a Looking for Roleplay Thread on the boards:

Check here for the meat on display

You can also find me on the sites below:


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Zunder und der letzte Raubzug
Wer aus einem Drachenhort stehlen will, landet selbst darin
Die Dämmerung hatte sich über das karge Land gelegt und ließ die Schatten der nackten Felsbrocken, gleich den achtlos liegengelassenen Spielsteinen eines Riesen über die Einöde verstreut, wie schwarze Finger über den Berghang tasten. Allerdings war der einzige, der dieses beeindruckende Schauspiel bewundern konnte, der einsame Sergal, der verstohlen von Schatten zu Schatten

Pallas‘ Familiendrama
Daddy, hör auf meine Dates zu fressen!
Die helle Morgensonne fiel sanft durch die hohen Fenster und tauchte den Raum in ihr sanftes, goldenes Licht. Die Vorhänge wehten leicht im Wind und ließen ihre blassen Schatten über das große, solide gearbeitete Bett tanzen, dass den hohen Raum beherrschte. Und den nackten Jungen, der auf ihm lag, eingekuschelt in das Chaos aus Decken und Kissen, das Gesicht in einem der letzteren vergraben. Seine sp

The Price of Hospitality
I flinched, my ears flattening as the sudden roar erupted from the cage next to mine, followed by the sound, and the sensation, of the heavy impact of a large body slamming into the metal bars. I had been so lost in my own miserable thoughts that I had not paid attention to the man making the rounds, nor to how the tiger next to me had fixed on him, eyes narrowing as he tried to break his prison and lunge at the human.
He just kept doing these sort of things, even though

Vore for Dummies
“Umh, ex, excuse me, would you, would you perhaps be willing to help me with this…?”
The blue dragon turned around, slowly, his tail slapping the ground, lowering his head slightly to look at the lizard looking up at him. He was young, green scales, slender, but with a nice amount of muscle, a shock of spiky looking hair on his head and, of course, a by now rather infamous black and yellow book in his trembling hand, opened to one of the pages near the end. T

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Malus' Blog - Dragon's Dogma Vore Posted 13 hours ago

I recently got Dragon's Dogma on Steam and of course I immediately decided I had to capture what is perhaps one of the best voring you can get in a video game.^^

...first though to show the lead-up.^^

...before he is put where he belongs.
Seriously, I would not mind the game ending with that. ;-)

Hope some of you will enjoy the footage.
I did use a mod to get rid of the default bandages, just look for "nude" under Dragon's Dogma on NexusMods.^^

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Thanks for the very hot story!


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Thank you very much for the watch.


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Thank you for letting me know! I've really enjoyed a lot of your stories! I absolutely love bigger dominant preds and smaller submissive prey. Love your style!


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No problem, I only found you recently but I enjoy your gallery so far. Keep up the good work.


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