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Welcome and thanks for taking a look at my page.

I write the occasional vore stories and do translations for my Japanese friend Garyu, who draws vore manga with mostly male prey.
A fair bit of the former are for my boyfriend and "big bro"  cvbeast, as we try to encourage each other to write more.
All my work is strictly m/m or ?/m. I prefer to write my prey submissive and boyishly cute and my predators big, manly and dominant for the most part; and sex is usually a big part of it, as is lots of sweat and attention to those big, bulging muscles you might develop from a diet high in lean, squirming meat.

Being pretty firmly in the prey category, I am always happy to have a hot predator make a fucktoy and snack out of me. So if you are a male pred who also happens to be a good, literate roleplayer, feel free to make your intentions known, I have a Looking for Roleplay Thread on the boards:

Check here for the meat on display

You can also find me on the sites below:


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to Come
was an overpowering heat, pressing down on me, just like the
overwhelming scent of sex, the familiar smell of a sweaty male body,
the fluttering feeling of something pushing apart my twitching
sphincter, the bared fangs, the lolling tongue, the predatory gleam
in the familiar eyes…My heart was hammering in my chest and my
own straining cock gave a fierce jolt as I heard my brother growl,
his mouth opening impossibly wide, showing off the gleaming fangs. It
all went so

Family Woes
stop Eating my Dates!
bright morning sun fell gently through the high windows, bathing the
room in its soft, golden light. The curtains were billowing slightly
in the morning breeze and let their faint shadows dance across the
large, solidly built bed that dominated the spacious room. And the
naked boy lying on top of it, nestled comfortably into the chaos of
blankets and pillows, his face buried in one of the latter. His
fuzzy, pointed ears twitched slightly

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man, seriously? I had plans for the weekend. You know, hanging out
with my buddies, not being stuck here babysitting the geek.” Jessy
let out an annoyed grunt, his gaze wandering over to where his three
years younger brother Ayden was sitting on the couch eyes covered by
the slim next gen neural interface headset, his limbs occasionally
twitching slightly as he was moving whatever video game character he
was playing as.“Yeah, okay, okay, got it! Jeesh!” He hung up,

Spawn of Ba’el
let out a small yelp as my naked body hit the smooth, cool stone,
still rather taken aback by the sudden series of events. I was not
the only one of course. The whole room had been filled with naked
men, mostly as dark skinned as I was, some of them with fresh bruises
from their struggles against our captors. I for my part had only too
quickly understood how futile any resistance would be the moment the
heavy gates had closed behind us...The great city of the Sorcerer

prince Hashim, what a pleasure, what a pleasure!” I threw a quick
glance up to my master, seeing the very pleased smile on his face as
he accepted the profuse greetings of the little old man we had been
brought before. Well, a pleased master definitely seemed like a good
thing so far. My ears had been flicking nervously ever since that
other man, the dark one with the golden staff, had welcomed us
earlier, giving my master a strangely amused look, his polite manners
barely conce

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I have overall had a lot more output this year and the one before in terms of getting to write stories, but I have been thinking about trying to do a couple of shorter ones for a change, maybe more in line with "The Minotaur and the Snake Prince" or "Before the Banquet" in terms of length or even a bit shorter.
I do observe that when I read erotic fiction, I definitely come back to shorter ones rather often - or alternatively that I will skip ahead to the "climax", so to say, in a longer story. And while I definitely tend to enjoy doing the "whole thing", with a bit of setup, backstory and description, I guess others might also appreciate something more focused on the sexual bits.

I still do have at least two longer stories that are in the works,...
[ Continued ... ]

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Thank you for letting me know! I've really enjoyed a lot of your stories! I absolutely love bigger dominant preds and smaller submissive prey. Love your style!


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No problem, I only found you recently but I enjoy your gallery so far. Keep up the good work.


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