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3 Slots still open on my friends Vore YCH, come join me! Posted 4 months ago
Since my friend Jeri over on Furaffinity still has three slots open on a nice feral lion pred vore internal YCH, I thought I should promote, since that poor lion surely needs more tasty morsels to fill that belly. I mean, look how big the poor guy is, he needs the food - and you could be it. :-P

So, if you have a bit of cash to spare and a desire to be a nice, squirming bulge in a lion belly, have a look and consider claiming your place in that belly.^^
Elden Ring Vore Time Posted 9 months ago

Of course I had to try if I could get my character to be swallowed by the God Dewvouring Serpent...^^

If you guys have any more Elden Ring vore, feel free to share!^^

Edit: ...also, an old Bloodborne Shark Vore Clip.^^
Resurrecting "The World of the Sentients" - Interactive by Deioth Posted 1 year ago
Since Deioth is a dear friend of mine and I still cherish the happy memories of having fun with his interactive story "The World of the Sentients", I wanted to do something about the fact that alas, like quite some good vore interactive, it has disappeared for a long while now from Writing.Com.
Luckily, I came across a charitable soul posting a backup of the thing, so it at least had not been lost to all of us. Still, I do think it deserves being made more accessibly again, so, with Deioth's kind permission, I decided to post it on Eka's Portal for all of you guys to enjoy.^^

I have most of it uploaded (excluding empty choices so far) and will finish the rest shortly, so I would be very happy for all of you to give it a read (or reread)!^^
Let us...
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...if you talk about "entrancing your prey", don't blame me for getting Gnoll vore fantasies! ^^ ; Posted 1 year ago
Lately, Pathfinder 2e, one of the RPG systems I play regularly with friends, introduced stats for playing Gnolls.
One of the options you can pick from is this:

Gnoll's in Pathfinder 2e

Sweetbreath Gnoll
Source The Mwangi Expanse pg. 111 2.0
You're a striped, pale-furred gnoll with oddly pleasant breath, which you can use to entrance your prey. You are trained in Diplomacy (or another skill if you were already trained in Diplomacy). You also gain a +1 circumstance bonus to checks to Make an Impression if the target can smell your breath.
Feats Requiring Sweetbreath Gnoll...
Breath Like Honey

...and we sure all know how that would play out.

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Dragon's Dogma Vore Posted 2 years ago
I recently got Dragon's Dogma on Steam and of course I immediately decided I had to capture what is perhaps one of the best voring you can get in a video game.^^

...first though to show the lead-up.^^

...before he is put where he belongs.
Seriously, I would not mind the game ending with that. ;-)

Hope some of you will enjoy the footage.
I did use a mod to get rid of the default bandages, just look for "nude" under Dragon's Dogma on NexusMods.^^
Lucky Lizard? ;-) Posted 2 years ago
I stumbled across the Youtube video below and could not help finding it interesting for two reasons relating to vore interests...

A) It does show that snakes WILL start eating prey still alive, up to the point that it risks said prey getting away. This may please those who find the idea disheartening that a large snake would just kill them for sure before the fun part starts in a "realistic vore" scenario.

B) The lizard's hemipenis seem to be out, allowing for all sorts of lewd implications for the watcher so inclined.^^

What do you think, lucky lizard there? :-p
A little curious about my more straight seeming readers.^^ Posted 2 years ago
I do frequently notice that at least a fair share of the people kind enough to leave a fave or watch me tend to have otherwise mostly stuff featuring females at the center in their list of faves and I admit, it always made me a little curious.

I am definitely very happy if a story of mine ends up being fun for someone who tends to not be into m/m usually, but it sure does puzzle me on occasion.
So if any of you taking the time to read this should fall into this category, I would definitely be interested in hearing from you.^^

Whether it involves recasting one character, still liking the overall dynamic or whatever else, I would be kinda curious.
...or of course hearing from you what tends to be the kind of exception that makes you enjoy a male on male...
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Thinking of doing shorter stories more often Posted 3 years ago
I have overall had a lot more output this year and the one before in terms of getting to write stories, but I have been thinking about trying to do a couple of shorter ones for a change, maybe more in line with "The Minotaur and the Snake Prince" or "Before the Banquet" in terms of length or even a bit shorter.
I do observe that when I read erotic fiction, I definitely come back to shorter ones rather often - or alternatively that I will skip ahead to the "climax", so to say, in a longer story. And while I definitely tend to enjoy doing the "whole thing", with a bit of setup, backstory and description, I guess others might also appreciate something more focused on the sexual bits.

I still do have at least two longer stories that...
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