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Hello everyone, I'm a hardcore rper and a on and off artist, but I will take requests if you have them. If you wanna rp with me, just shoot me a pm and we'll get something worked out.

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Pulling up to the precinct, Sable and Kimba got out of the car and walked up to the large brick building, going through the front door. Walking through the small lobby, they headed for a door beside the front desk,
“Greetings officer Crosshairs, officer Shortmain.” A droid sitting at the desk greeted with an electronic voice. Sable waved in acknowledgment as he opened the door and the two entered to main office space where they were greeted with rows of cubicles and the sound of phon

It was late in the day and Sable walked into his house, closing the door behind him,
“Hey, I’m home!” He called out as he took his hat and coat off, hanging them on a nearby rack.
“Glad you’re home, dear.” A voice came from behind him, and he turned to see his wife Layla, the little red fox wearing her usual shirt and jeans and over it she wore a frilly pink apron, telling that she had been cooking, another sign was that delicious aroma filling the house. The

Entering the lab, the two would notice that Simon was a lot less organized than Mark was, papers with various formulas strewn everywhere and chemicals haphazardly placed here and there. In addition, they saw cages and aquariums filled with reptiles of various shapes and sizes along one wall of the room. Closing the door behind them, Simon walked around ahead of Sable and Kimba,
"I apologize for the mess, I don't get many visitors."
"It's fine, my house tends to looks this way from time to time."

Kimba was busy getting things ready for tonight, she was so excited for finally get Sable to accept her invitation for dinner. The lioness had been trying for weeks to get him to come over and today he agree as long as it was just dinner and nothing more and she reassured him that there would no talk of a relationship between the two of them and that she would make him the best roast ever. She was laying out the last few things when the doorbell rung and she perked up knowing who it was, she ste

A few minutes later, the two were driving down the street in Sable’s car making their way to the lab to get that scale tested so they could possibly get some sort of idea of what they were dealing with. Kimba looked out the window as the buildings went by, vehicles were somewhat of a luxury, with oil running out not too long after the Great War, commercial and private vehicles alike were converted to a solar powered engine, and with materials to make them being so scarce, they were rather

It was a lovely day in the bustling desert city of DelMane, a shining utopia in a sea of sand and rubble of times past. Humans and Hybrids alike live their lives normally, with no memory of the past demons that brought this world to where it is now, and some people would like to keep it this way. One of these people is a human male named Sable Crosshairs, a detective of the DelMane Police Department, sworn to keep the peace and make sure those times never return. Little does he know, there's evi

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Hello all, it's a new year and it has been since last April since I wrote something in my blog so I decided to use this as a chance to give a description the world that my persona, Sable Crosshairs, lives in and also at the end, I'll talk about a little idea I've been having concerning that world and my characters. Now I know I don't have that many watchers, I think I got all of five I think, which to be fair I don't upload a whole lot, I mainly do rps most of the time.

Alright, now for the world description and I'll probably put this up in the RP section of my gallery for future reference.

The world itself is set in the year 3233 (that tends to change from time to time because I can never remember the number.), it's in our timeline but obviously way in the future. The landscape of this...
[ Continued ... ]

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