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Hello everyone, I'm a hardcore rper and a on and off artist, but I will take requests if you have them. If you wanna rp with me, just shoot me a pm and we'll get something worked out.

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Leaving the precinct, Sable and Kimba drove for what seemed like forever, and then finally arrived at their destination, the construction site they were at yesterday. Kimba looked to Sable a bit confused,
"Did we not get everything we needed yesterday?" She asked as Sable stepped out,
"Not quite." He said walking towards the entrance, once again flashing his badge to the guard. Walking in, Sable stood and looked around but then heard a voice from one side,
“Detective!” It shouted, th

The next day, Sable with Kimba in tow returned to headquarters, this time going to the back entrance where all the other officers went at the beginning of the day. Usually Sable would stay in the car while Kimba would go in and get everything they needed for the day, but today was different, when the feline got out of the car, so did the detective. She looked over to him in a bit of shock, knowing that the human always dreaded actually going inside unless he needed something like yesterday.

It was a quiet day in the Weft household, everything was clean and in its place, the soft ring of wind chimes was coming from outside, and Sable was tied up naked on top of his mother-in-law’s kitchen counter. Sarah had invited him over so that he could help her to get ready for a barbecue she was hosting tomorrow for the family, little did he know though, it was so she could trick him into becoming the barbecue. Laying there beside some chickens the fox had gotten out after she had manage

Later that day after grabbing bite to eat, Sable and Kimba pulled up to the construction site of the company that the detective was told Jonathan Moon worked. Walking up to the front gate, Sable flashed his badge to the guard and enter the job site. The building before them was large, still mostly under construction, from what they understood, it was going to be an apartment complex. Talking to a worker, they asked where the foreman was, to which they yelled up to a monkey hybrid up on a high gi

Pulling up to the precinct, Sable and Kimba got out of the car and walked up to the large brick building, going through the front door. Walking through the small lobby, they headed for a door beside the front desk,
“Greetings officer Crosshairs, officer Shortmain.” A droid sitting at the desk greeted with an electronic voice. Sable waved in acknowledgment as he opened the door and the two entered to main office space where they were greeted with rows of cubicles and the sound of phon

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Hello all, it's a new year and it has been since last April since I wrote something in my blog so I decided to use this as a chance to give a description the world that my persona, Sable Crosshairs, lives in and also at the end, I'll talk about a little idea I've been having concerning that world and my characters. Now I know I don't have that many watchers, I think I got all of five I think, which to be fair I don't upload a whole lot, I mainly do rps most of the time.

Alright, now for the world description and I'll probably put this up in the RP section of my gallery for future reference.

The world itself is set in the year 3233 (that tends to change from time to time because I can never remember the number.), it's in our timeline but obviously way in the future. The landscape of this...
[ Continued ... ]

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