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"Come for the porn, stay for the story."

- Someone

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Forever Family
My eyes snapped open to a valley of white the moment sunlight struck me. Like rolling clouds my eyes traced along the weaves of soft, flowing fabric. The sunlight caressed the edges, dropping shadows onto to my form from the lazily hung drapes. I could imagine the sun’s warm touch along the grass outside, flecks of dew shivering in the early, early autumn breeze. The old tree on the hill would be touched by nature’s grace, leaves of the deepest shade of red I had ever

Three Minute Meal
My car lurched to a stop, old brakes squealing as I pulled to a red light.
I was in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, America. Sitting in my old Toyota, trying to go somewhere I wasn’t even sure of. I was in one of the flyover states, nothing but desert and a few mildly interesting dead trees and rust brown bushes to my left and right. I was stuck at one of the annoying three-minute red lights; I know, I counted the last four. I flipped down the foldable mirror, one hinge lo

Cumforting Places
Elizabeth sighed as her class meandered into view. It was the bored, tired expressions and generally slouched posture that made her frown. No matter, it was a dreaded Monday morning; it was a ripe day, one of their last, in their seventh and final grade of elementary. They should be cramming for finals!
Or, that’s what she did, at least.
Elizabeth adjusted her rounded glasses as one student waved and said a joyful hello. Joy, as her name applied, was a bright and cheerful

"I'm home."
Shutting the door behind me, I breathed in the smell of a freshly cleaned house. I placed my work items aside and threw off my shoes. The pitter-patter of watery feet alerted me to my wife, followed by a cute, bubbly hello. Looking up the small set of stairs to the main floor from the entryway, my wife rounded the corner from the kitchen. I smiled at her, raising an eyebrow to her curious choice of... well, attire would be wrong. Her body is an opaque, watery orange-peach colour, hai

Romantic Vore Shorts

Gurgle me, save me?

Maybe you will be inside my belly for a long, long time. Hugged by my soft stomach walls and rocked to sleep by my beating heart. I will go to bed each night full and content with you in my belly, warm from the heat of my juices flowing down your body. Sometimes we would masturbate together, rubb

Those Who Play for Ghosts
"Do you know who the wind is?" She asked me once.
I did not. Nor did I care much then. Naïve and childish, a toy sword in my hand and the hopes of slaying dragons in my mind. I still do not know, she had never told me. She only told me one thing. Incomprehensible as the one who said it.
"Those who play for ghosts..."
No one was around to look at me funny like I looked at her as I said the words aloud. I did not understand what she meant back then, but, as the wind

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Hi guys! I know you have been asking for this for a while, so here it is. Each link here will open the individual word chapters for Cumforting Places.

I've given the series a lot of thought recently, and I came to the conclusion I want to do a bit of a rewrite. I didn't like the direction some of the characters went, and I loved other bits I simply didn't touch on. When the story comes back up on EKA's I will be updating the documents, and posting blogs to let everyone know.

I hope you all enjoy until then! I've been having a bit of a hard time writing, but that won't stop me! I hope to see you all soon~!

Chapter 1: https://1drv.ms/w/s!Aof9P8CSUMrGi3e6kpvF4GVr_5e2
Chapter 2: ...
[ Continued ... ]

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Cheers for the watch m80


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I came for the porn, I'm staying for the story. Simple as that


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You have quite a cute little gallery with some neat ideas in it! <3


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No prop love the stories


Posted by vorelover2 7 months ago

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I do, i really enjoy your cum-forting series alot. Stayed up till 5am reading them and finished it this past afternoon


Posted by CioneDavnira 7 months ago

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Thank you. It's a pic I'm using for one of my F-List characters.


Posted by CioneDavnira 7 months ago

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You are very welcome. ^w^


Posted by Tethys 8 months ago

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I have been so far! I actually need to catch up a few chapters in CuPl so it was nice to get new content from you that I could jump straight at.

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Posted by Apostolos 8 months ago

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Sure do you mind going over the amount I’ve got so far? Need all the help I can get

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