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Your best is shit, be better.

Come hang out in my breast vore/tf/sentient fat server! https://discord.gg/hAjfeN2f4u

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The Shower
I had waited long enough; you were humming in the shower, complacent and unaware. I could see you behind the curtain, reflected in noise and tempting shadow. The floor made no sound as I slithered to the door. I knew where to step, I had planned this. You would be one of many, one of thousands. No more than a number and a vague, pleasant memory.
The shower door was close enough. I sprung, pushing the curtains aside. You jumped, but I didn’t let you make another noise. My hand wr

Cumforting Places
"Are you okay, mommy?" A squeaky, high pitch voice asked from the bedroom doorway.
A teary-eyed face rose up from the crumpled bed covers to look at the speaker. She was a young woman, with long, light brown hair down to her shapely rear, a blue stripe running down the left side of her tresses, and big bright amber eyes. She shifted to face her son, her giant, watermelon sized breasts lifting then landing on the bed with a thud, leaving the boy a generous view of her cleavage.

Cumforting Places  - Mortal Kombat 
Claire exhaled a cold, frosted breath as she marched through the silent forest. 
Her hands clenched around the cold, dark steel of her crowbar as she stepped into an open clearing, feet crunching down on the remnants of a heavy snowfall. Her clothes were not meant for this weather; sneakers below a pair of ripped and torn jeans. Her muscle shirt, the same one from her ex-husband, was stained red with blood. Claire frowned a

Cumforting Places 17
“Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty!” 
Claire whooped, laughing loudly as Lily played an air guitar to the sound of Paradise City, Alex and Emily trying to keep up with drums and singing respectively. She wasn’t much a fan of rock and roll, but well… 
Claire gripped the steering wheel of Lily’s car, laughing and trying

Cumforting Places
“You were my shit! And you are talking back!?” 
“B-b-but I w-was-“ 
“Emily Church! You cannot-“ 
“Jane, Sydney, shut up.” 
Lily winced at Claire’s angry voice. She had never thought she would hear Claire shout or scream angrily. She would do everything in her power to prevent that, even more-so now that Claire’s angry voice had convinced her. 
Lily did not want to be on the

Cumforting Places
Lily’s eyes snapped open. 
Blue blinked in the darkness for the briefest of seconds before the silence was shattered by her muffled curse, half yelped into her pillow. She sat up like a rocket, breathing heavy. 
She had fallen asleep. 
“They are fine.” A low voice mumbled to Lily’s right, making her yelp. 
Claire sat hunched forewards, hands crossed over her abdomen, fingers gripping her elbows as she stared off at the wall. An o

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Started doing some Skyrim vore videos using a couple (hundred) mods. Enjoy?


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